Eminem EMA's 2017


My feelings on the track, after listening quite a lot of times now over the past day…

  • The tempo (slower, bursts of flow) is a surprising change of pace
  • The content is very candid, very direct and specific
  • Quite surprising to hear Em be so vulnerable in a big way, in this way
  • Great stripped down production. Simple and classy
  • Overall sound and polish of the track = loud, crisp and clear
  • Em’s writing is top-form
  • The hook is pretty good
  • Doesn’t feel as ‘formatted’, like it was a hit template. It feels authentic

Even though most of us, myself included, were really annoyed at the idea of yet more feature hooks (and particularly female pop stars – who are just on the track for the sake of their name) – this song was a pleasant surprise in the sense that it feels authentic. Even though Beyonce IS just on it because… Beyonce, it doesn’t matter – it doesn’t feel like “The Monster” where you can hear the template of the made-to-be-a-hit song and Em has pasted his verses in.

Everything from the totally stripped-down production, to the nice touches such as Em crunching bits of paper in the background make this song feel true.

Also, it’s really great to hear Em abandon such rigid format – such as the very short intro verse, allowing Beyonce to have a bridge, no drums and also the distorted closing lines “bitch, I wrote ‘Stan’!”, which was also a funny and jarring way to end.

As many people have noted – this song feels exactly like the intro to the album and what a great intro track it would be, especially if the rest of the album does NOT follow suit and that ‘stan transition’ closing line/feel transitions into a totally banging change of pace which smacks us in the face.

I can sense a piano-heavy album coming. In a good way. From the noted involvement of Batson (Relapse. Loves big thumpy piano tracks), the production of this song, the little bits of sparse piano in “Campaign Speech”… I’m imagining sparse, bold production (like MMLP) and the craziest flows of Em’s career.

This track is a great sign of things to come.

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