Finally. We’ve all been waiting a long time for it, and it’s finally here.

We knew it was being shot way back in February and it’s apparently taken this long due to editing difficulties. Whilst that could be partially true given some of shots in the video, I think it’s quite obvious that it was also held this long intentionally as, it’s June now ( “on a clear night in a June” ).

Check out the video below…

There’s more going on in this video than the song itself, so for once… the video was worth doing. Often, artists just have pointless videos in clubs or arbitrary settings, with them rapping or singing along to what they’re saying and it’s just an extra marketing tool for the song rather than something to take the song to another level. In this case, it’s justified.

So what’s going on in the video? well, I’m not entirely sure myself. First of all, the narrative remains irrespective of everything else. So, we can clearly see that Em is with a woman who no longer wants to be with him, is text messaging another man and when Em realizes everything fully, he chokes her to death, and then kills himself. This is the narrative of the song, and this is what the video portrays.

But, you then have these visual additions they’ve made to make this song something else. Firstly, you have ‘two’ Eminem’s in this video, one which is rapping or, narrating the story / song (similar to “Love the Way You Lie”) and one who is if you like, in the actual plot and the one who is being narrated about, the one who is with the woman and a character in the story.

My guess is that the second Eminem, aside from being ‘the narrator’ (as he clearly has some kind of role here too) is either ‘real Em’s’ conscience or his alter-ego. Perhaps both. As, when you see secondary Em in the car behind ‘real Em’ (getting confusing uh), you can see he’s rapping the internal thoughts almost. As if he’s saying what ‘real Em’ is subconsciously thinking and wants to say to the woman, but is afraid to. Or perhaps he doesn’t quite comprehend his thoughts in that manner yet.

Secondary Em (as I will now call… him?) also goes with primary Em and Sasha to the cafe and then remains sat there after they’ve left. Perhaps this is to suggest that primary Em’s thoughts are still in the cafe, as if his mind hasn’t left that place yet even though he goes to a hotel with the woman. As, when he gets there, he quickly realizes everything… as if the secondary Em or, his subconscious (maybe) has just pieced it all together after contemplating it and dwelling on it.

Eminem Shooting Himself in the Head (

So, then after primary Em chokes Sasha, he puts a gun under his chin and shoots himself. Notice that I said that he puts the gun under his chin? this is a slight blunder that many fans have noticed. In the lyrics Em says “as I put the gun to my temple”… some may see it as nitpicking and such a detail normally would be, but, in this instance it’s very noticeable due to how clear Em’s voice is, the timing and strong visual. It’s the climax of the song and what it was all leading to… so it’s very apparent.

I can’t really think of a good reason as to why they made this mistake. When Em mimics shooting himself in the head with his hand just before, he does it against his temple – so he’s clearly aware of the nuance. My guess is that it was something to do with the effect itself, as in, the special-effect and that the director found it easier to achieve the visual by doing it under the chin (for whatever reason)… OR maybe they did it that way so that Em could fall back in that manner.

It also appears to be a slight homage to “Fight Club” if you ask me. The manner in which Em shoots himself and then the way he falls back like that, it’s a lot like how Norton does it in the final scene. Not to mention the fact Em has a sort of, alter-ego in the video, also like “Fight Club” which also concludes with the main character (Ed Norton) killing himself, and then his alter-ego (Brad Pitt / Tyler Durden) suffering that fate, as he (Norton) in fact survives. And, interestingly enough, the director of the “Space Bound” actually said that David Fincher (director of “Fight Club”) was an inspiration for him to strive to make music videos a serious medium.

There are a few nuances and aesthetic touches going on throughout this video but essentially, the original narrative remains. Which is, Eminem is with a girl that is no longer interested in being with him and is therefore straying and in touch with another man and when Em finds out, he kills her, and then himself. That main story line remains, regardless of how you interpret the rest.

And, a lot of these additions just make it, a good music video. It’s just that, in recent years – so many music videos have been pointless, totally literal or lacking in artistic merit that people aren’t used to new dimensions, metaphors or new additions that make the song something extra. But, that’s what a good music video should do. And this one, is good.

Sasha Grey's Ass, Gun in Back ( There is one true spanner thrown in the works though and a clearly intentional ambiguity, which is: the gun in the back of Sasha’s jeans. You see it tucked in the back of her jeans as she walks to the bathroom in the cafe and the camera focuses in on it. And then you also see Em focus on it in his memory flashback montage, just before he strangles her. It’s also just as he looks outside and sees what is presumably some guys car just driving off or nearby.

This is most likely indicating that not only was Sasha planning to leave Em for another man but that she was also perhaps going to rob and / or kill him. Which makes the plot a little thicker as you could interpret Em’s strangling of Sasha as much self-defense as a violent passionate outburst. Either way, this is exactly what great art should do – make you question.

Already, I am reading moronic parents and public figures label this video ‘sick’ and say it advocates suicide and so on. Of course they’re failing to realize it’s simply a story, it’s not advocating suicide, it’s portrayingit. There is a huge difference. And even if it was advocating it, so what? who the fuck is anybody to say you can’t artistically advocate something.

That’s the point of art, art is supposed to be free. Free of democracy, free of committee. It just is, what it is. And you can take it or leave it.

So to all you dumb fucks, politicians, people lacking in artistic appreciation, idiotic parents and other annoying bastards who are too immature or too mentally challenged to understand Eminem as an artist and most of all this video, my suggestion to you is: LEAVE IT.

3 thoughts to “Video for “Space Bound” Released

  • Gabi

    I liked your interpretation of this video, only, I thought that the gun in Sasha’s pants was the symbol of her being the gun itself that made Em commit suicide.

  • Nikki

    The video isn’t a surprise. It’s dark and gloomy: It’s excellent and perfectly fits the song like all the other videos too. I “like” it. And i love the music!!!

  • Hamood

    again and again i love it best rapper eminem


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