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Unabashedly Reggie – the best breakdown artist of Eminem that I know of is back at your mother fucking throat like Chloraseptic, to review the Chloraseptic!! Remix by Eminem, feat. 2 Chainz & Phresher.

This verse is fucking FIRE. Em goes off on fans, critics, switches-up flows multiple times and rhymes up a storm. It’s an extremely engaging verse which left us all asking “where was this on the album?”.

Reggie breaks this down with brilliance, as usual, so be sure to watch his vid – and enjoy.

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One thought to “Unabashedly Reggie on the “Chloraseptic” Remix”

  • Patti C

    Not to say i am the oldest fan(58) but my appreciation of mm is in his born talent and brilliance. I have been watching for his next tour and I knew 2018 was gunna be a strong year for me. Yesterday I bought tickets to the govenors ball in june….. i was wishing it would be eminem solo but it will be an experience!!


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