OFWGKTA member and rising solo rapper Tyler, the Creator recently met Eminem.

Tyler, the Creator and Eminem

Tyler is a vocal fan of Em, and more specifically Relapse. Which, I’m glad of. As I love Relapse. It’s not Em’s best album but the rhyming and flows are mesmerizing, and it’s those aspects about it that are hugely under-appreciated.

After he met Em, Tyler tweeted this:

Fuckkkkk O My Atheist God. Goal List Check: I Told Him Relapse Was One Of The Greatest Albums To Me.

There’s not many vocal fans of Relapse, and certainly not publicly. Or anybody who is on the public radar to the degree Tyler now is, or is becoming. It’s also great because Tyler is not just anybody, he’s a controversial rapper, intentionally pushing buttons and who’s taken a page from Em’s book.

Eminem's So it’s great for Em to hear somebody like that, who’s doing what he’s doing artistically, say that about Relapse to him. As I think Em has a misconception about Relapse. I think it’s pretty obvious he only did Recovery and scrapped Relapse 2 due to the reaction to #1.

Which is a horrible shame. I’m betting there was some jaw-dropping classic material on that sequel and that his flows reached heights on it the likes we’ve never heard from him. But, we’ll never know now.

I’ve read all, or most, of the reviews for Relapse too and almost every critic I read who reviewed it seemed a fucking moron. These slew of idiots look at Eminem and his work, and lyricism, so simplistically. Don’t get me wrong, there are some that understand his sarcasm or love of craft, but nobody I’ve seen who truly understands his constant juggling of persona’s and indulgence in character like on Relapse.

All these critics gave were personal opinions.

Anybody can say “I like this” or “I don’t like this”. If that’s all critics of today are going to do then they may as well not exist. Regardless of what you think of an artist’s themes or ideas, the questions you should be asking, as a critic, are questions like “did this artist achieve his aims?” and “how well?”. These are CRITICAL questions that aim to breakdown artistic elements and analyze the result. Which if a critic is to have any worth to art now, is what they should be doing.

We can all give our opinions on things. Nobody deserves the title of a professional for that. Most critics I read cannot see past their personal bias, or even worse… they rate material based on an artist’s PAST work or they involve elements of their career or what they ‘should’ of done in their eyes. Which is just absurd. If you’re reviewing an album, review THE, ALBUM. Not the artist, not the career of the artist.

Relapse is a fabulous album to me and I think it could of been A perfect album (not THEE perfect album, or literally perfect. But perfect for what it is), if “Crack a Bottle” and “Beautiful” were not on it. And man, just thinking about how great the sequel probably was just annoys me. We’ll just have to move on.

Tyler also said in the past that he will never write something as great as “Same Song and Dance”. It feels like I’ve found an artist who finally gets Eminem, or that album at least, like I do. But, maybe he just likes it because it’s twisted… either way, the fact he loves the style so much speaks volumes of his appreciation of detail and tone to me.

I’m somewhat of a fan of Tyler. I can see what he’s trying to do, I can understand his attitude but… at the moment, it’s just aimless angst. He’s not really saying anything at all. But, once he figures out some truly noteworthy aims, I think he’ll cause a big stir, many big stirs in big, interesting ways. I can’t wait to see what he comes up with, and I hope him and Em work together one day.

We need less like 50, and more like Tyler.

16 thoughts to “Tyler, the Creator Meets Eminem

  • Josh

    Critics give their opinions. That’s why they’re critics. And how is tyler not saying anything? He does this more in GOBLIN i agree, but he still has noteworthy tracks that are complex, especially on BASTARD AKA VCR, Blow, French, etc

  • reggie

    Relapse wasn’t Em’s best album but it was one of his better ones(waaay better than encore). However, i do think it had the five or six absolute woooorst songs Eminem ever made ever aka my mom, Same Song & Dance, and we Made You which i think its why it got bad reviews by all deese wack critics. But my darling was a freakin masterpiece, one of the best and most underrated songs he ever made. Also I gotta say stop hating on Tyler people, its like you never even heard him and are already making judgments. Bastard was the best album of whatever year it came out, and if you don’t think tyler’s effin menace just listen to these songs of his:
    6.orange juice
    Even Em thinks he’s sweet. EVEN NAS THINKS HE’S SWEET!!!! His crew is tough( at least hodgy, mike g, frank ocean, and domo) and Earl Sweatshirt is even better than tyler. Earl is only seventeen and almost is as good as twenty something eminem on the slim shady lp.
    Swag, indeed.

    • GolfWangHooligan


  • Sam

    i liked the relapse album.. deja vu was by far my favorite song,, careful what you wish for(bonus track) & my darling(another bonus track) were really good to, i liked most of the songs on there, some not so much tho.. some were a little to fucked up for me. lol

  • Harvey

    Crack a Bottle I can do without (always skip it when I listen to Relapse), but Same Song & Dance, We Made You, My Mom are all great. I think the best on the album were Deja Vu, Underground and Beautiful – three tracks there were pointing to the direction he went on Recovery – but Relapse 2 would still have been something to hear nonetheless.

  • Martin

    Yo Admin, why do you think Beautiful kept Relapse from being a perfect album? Is it simply because it didn’t fit with the direction Em was going for on the album or do you think that song isn’t well done?

    • Admin

      Because it was made for a different album and you can tell. It was not made for ‘Relapse’. Half of it was written in like 2005, and it was also produced by Em.

      It sounds absolutely nothing like the rest of the material. Can you imagine “When I’m Gone” on ‘The Slim Shady LP’? It’d sound absurd.

      All the other tracks are bizarre, bombastic Dre beats and intricate, tricky flows and rhyming from Em, mostly about pills and murder.

      Then you have that track… a rap-rock ballad with a queen sample and 05-ish Em rapping and writing. It just sticks out like a sore thumb and sounds insane on it.

      • Martin

        Yeah, I agree with everything you just said. You can tell its the post Encore Eminem rhyming on Beautiful. I really like it but it does feel out of place on the album. I like Relapse a lot but it was missing some of the more emotional Eminem tracks that made me love his first four albums. He didn’t seem serious on any one track except Beautiful, which like you said, felt really out of place. I would have liked Relapse to be more like Eminem Show in that he could have thematically found a way to have a track like Same Song and Dance and 3 A.M. but also had room to have more tracks like Beautiful.

        I am still a fan and have enjoyed each album, I know every lyric to every song but on the last three albums I feel he has been missing something.

        On Encore he needed to get rid of those half ass tracks like Big Weenie and Rainman and have some more explosive tracks and flows. Other then that though, the songs that are good are really good like Mockingbird, Mosh, Yellow Brick Road, Toy Soldiers.

        On Relapse, although it was awesome to hear him go insane again with that speed of his flows and the rhyme patterns, the subject matter felt a bit too repetitious and it was missing more of the personal, emotionally driven tracks. In his earlier days when he would have those crazy Shady kinds of tracks, it still felt like he was emotionally driven somehow. Like to compare something like Business or Amityville with any of the Relapse tracks, I feel there was more energy in those tracks even though its not very emotionally driven.

        And Recovery, some of his rhythms are better then they have ever been but the beats feel weak ( you can those aren’t all Dre or Em produced beats) and I hope I am not the only one tired of those corny, lil wayne inspired punchlines that pollute the whole album ” I’m on top of my monopoly board, which means I’m on top of my game”..”homie that hood is tighter then Kenny’s” those are just two of the millions of weak punchlines in his post Relapse work. Another thing is how he cant go one track without mentioning food ” excuse the corny medaphor but they’ll never ketchup to all this energy that I mustard.” and ” took a ketchup squirter squirted a frankfurter”. Their are way more..is it just me or could you never imagine him saying any of that corny shit on his first 4 albums….

        Lastly, on Recovery I feel that very few songs are specific in subject matter, something he did a lot better on Relapse. One of the reasons I can’t listen to other rappers is because every song is just so general in what its talking about, other rappers rarely go into a specific theme for a song, like Em did with Cleaning Out My Closet and Stan and Toy Soldiers. Recovery doesn’t really go in on anything too specific, and when it does, on tracks like Seduction and Going Through Changes, its still very broad.

        I love Em to death, and even at his worst he is the most capable rapper of all time. I wouldn’t be on this site if I didn’t love and respect the guy but does anyone feel the way I feel about these albums? I can’t wait to see if he is going to self produce his next album. That would be a dream come true, I love his self produced beats better then when he works with Dre.

        What do you think Admin?

      • Madeleine

        Completely agree. The song is excellent but not a good fit on the Relapse album.

  • Mitch

    Cant get into Tyler, his whole agenda is Shock Value for the sole purpose of Shock value, and his technical skill set (Flows, Cadence, etc) are pretty simple Simon to me. Bot that I hate him or anything, just calling it how I see it

    Personal Opinions Notwithstanding I guess its cool that someone with so much Hype is that dedicated of An Em fan, I’m not the worlds biggest Fan of Relapse tho, Yeah Yeah I get that the Accents served some artistic purpose and he’s playing a character and its a concept record…….. Blah Blah Blah, the Accents make it an Unbearable listen, I could read those lyrics on a sheet of Paper and appreciate them alot better then listening to it, the Voices are Cringe-worthy to me

    Side Note tho, If Em is gonna collaborate with one of these new Shick Value/ Horrorcore kids I’d much rather it were Hopsin, I think he’s a much better artist

    • Admin

      I wouldn’t say Hopsin is a better artist. I’d say he’s a better rapper. In terms of skill and flow etc. he’s obviously a lot better. But Tyler isn’t really about that.

      Tyler is more, ‘mood music’. Like I say, I don’t think he’s got anything of significance at the moment but I think he’s more than shock-value just like Em was. I think once he begins to find intelligent ways to vent his pent up aggression and ideas, we’ll see some very special things happen. He’s only 20 too remember. Artists need time to grow.

      Take “Yonkers” for example. Regardless of what you think of the content… just the way it objectively sounds… that eerie production and his deep voice and the whole atmosphere of it. He’s definitely onto something, I just don’t know what yet, and I don’t think he does either.

      But I think he’s a better artist than Hopsin as he’s more free. Art is freedom and Tyler recognizes that to the nth degree just like Em did. Even Em was more formulaic as he still stuck to song structure etc. like Hopsin does and treated it as if it had rules… difference is he just had a lot to say. In a lot of ingenious ways.

      Tyler however, from hearing him speak and limited parts of his music… throws all that out the window. If I were to be an artist, I’d live by that philosophy. Stand on the shoulders of giants? absolutely, take the past and your inspiration into account, but just as easily forget it all in the same breath. As it’s about originality.

      There’s a reason Tyler won Best New Artist and it’s not just shock. Just like Eminem winning it in 1999 wasn’t just shock.

      I agree with you that he’s not insanely catchy, musical or significant right now. But I’d bet good money that he will be soon, and that he’ll create great things in his time. As he’s absolutely dedicated to self-discovery, abstract thinking and just letting it all out. That, combined with talent and passion… is bound to lead to greatness.

      • Mitch

        I dont see him being anywhere near as creative as you do man, his songs still have structure, alot of them are 16 bar verses with hooks in the middle, he isnt creating a new formula with his music, maybe he colors outside the lines a lil more then the average but for the most part his song structure is basically the same as most peoples, his rapping just isnt as good

        plus, the kid rubbed me the wrong way with the whole B.O.B thing, he calls him out, dude responds to him and Tyler just says “wow, that was the best rhyme he ever did” and doesnt respond……………then he gets called out by hopsin and ignores him on some “I’m too big a star” shit when his album barely cracked 100K sales

        He doesntt respond to them because he knows he cant rap like they can, he’d get humiliated by either of them cats.

        and for the record, that best new artist VMA has been handed to Lady Gaga & Justin Beiber as well so I wouldnt put too much stock in that, lol

        But like i said man its all opinions, at least he tries to be a lil diffrent then the average rapper these days

        He gets an A for effort and a C for execution

        • Admin

          When did I say Tyler was very creative?

          He hasn’t done anything of creative significance and I’ve highlighted that every single time I’ve mentioned him.

          Like I said, he has the potential to be creative. He has the desire to be original and unique, and dark. And that’s important.

          There was a point when Eminem has those desires but couldn’t figure out how to concentrate it too. But then it clicked.

          At the moment, Tyler is just spewing aimless angst.

          He’s not creating a new formula with his music but he’s letting loose with his thoughts, throwing caution to the wind more than others. In every sense. And he’s more abstract.

          It’s not just about how many bars you’re fitting in. You get different things from different rappers, and artists. It’s not a sport.

          Tyler is an artist. He’s not the kind of rapper where his appeal is how many words he’s rhyming or how skillfully he’s rhyming them. Those are exhibition / battle rappers.

          Tyler is injecting his personality into his music, venting his depression, expressing mood. It’s more than rap, and I do believe he will do far more interesting and noteworthy things than the vast majority of rappers rapping about rapping.

          Treating rap like a sport is tedious. It’s art, and people like Kanye have the right idea, just letting loose, trying to get vision out, being a little more abstract and experimental.

          I’ve got plenty of impressive battle rappers and technical wizards to listen to – Eminem, Nas, Mos Def… I’m looking for something new now. Something different. Tyler represents that, even if he isn’t delivering anything of serious originality yet. It’s in there.

          • Mitch

            Yeah, well I have the desire to be 7 foot tall but its not likely

            Tyler is like the Slow learning Disabilty version of Eminem, Cage & Esham…………… He recycles Em’s Shock Value, Cage’s Self Pity & Esham’s Anti-Religous Message and makes it less lyrical

            Not to mention he has no respect for hip hop at all, few weeks ago he called the Wu Tang Clan “A bunch of Old Ass Niggas”

            I see 0 potential in what he does ever evolving

            Especially when you got cats like Hopsin out there who do the exact same thing 10x’s better, and have respect for the culture

            Tyler is just getting started and his ego is bigger then Rhode Island, he acts like he’s too big a star to battle hopsin when his album didnt sell but 100K copies, he calls out B.O.B thinking he wont respond, then he does and dude runs away and tries to squash it before he gets humiliated…………

            He’s no diffrent then the rest of these internet creations like Lil B, Kreayshawn & Soulja Boy……… All Hype no Talent

          • Admin

            Well that’s not really comparable. Your height is an objective fact that you cannot consciously change.

            If I had heard ‘Infinite’ when it first came out, I wouldn’t call Eminem a creative genius. But I’d absolutely spot the potential for creative genius.

            Which you may think is easy to say now but all the right elements were there.

            Now, like I say – artists are different. Just because Tyler doesn’t rhyme as much or write as intricately doesn’t mean he has no talent or potential. As that’s not his appeal.

            I don’t normally like rappers who are not technically proficient as I’m a lyrics / flow fiend but Tyler is different, and his appeal is different. He’s got a personality and mood to what he does.

            And that’s worth more than a whole boat-load of genius rap lyricists.

            So that is why the potential is there.

            Not to the mention the fact that his production is great. Kanye West for example was never is still isn’t the best rapper, but it’s the WHOLE PACKAGE. Kanye is more than rap.

            He’s just a free spirit, an artist who’s happening to mainly work within the hip hop genre. But it’s about more than rhymes with him. It’s about ideas and moods, concepts, sounds, music, he cares about every element.

            And Tyler has that spark.

            Comparing him to Lil B or Soulja Boy is absolutely fucking ridiculous.

            Soulja Boy is a fucking retard. He makes gimmick music, can’t rap, is not intelligent, there’s no substance what so ever.

            Tyler does not just recycle shock. It’s deeper than shock-value as he’s self-deprecating and peppers real elements of his life and depression in there.

            Hopsin is not a ‘better version’ of Tyler and they do not do the same things. At all.

            Hopsin is as much an exhibition rapper as anything else, just like Eminem was when he came out. Hopsin is most like Eminem, because he was largely influenced by ‘The Slim Shady LP’ and that whole era / style.

            Hopsin doesn’t throw ideas at the wall in the same way, he’s still confined within the idea of structure and keeping it all tight and neat.

            And I know Tyler is not re-inventing the wheel with structure or anything, but – he’ll for example… if he doesn’t want a chorus he won’t have one, he’ll just make it minutes of self-expression, experimentation.

            That’s worth more than somebody who just sticks to the script.

            Hopsin is a brilliant writer already, and is very consistent. But outside of his skill, he’s not doing anything particularly new or noteworthy or anything that gets under your skin.

            I like them both but comparison is lame anyway. As they’re different artists, different guys, different aims. They’re not comparable.

            Saying Tyler is like Soulja Boy truly is absurd. That’s a really silly statement.

            Oh and Soulja Boy didn’t have any hype either. Nobody is calling Soulja Boy a true artist or saying he’s pushing buttons or doing something of any worth.

            People have ridiculed him since day one.

            People are not ridiculing or dismissing Tyler though, hmmm, wonder why? don’t you think there’s more beneath the surface if he’s getting recognition from – critics AND peers.

            If you dislike him, fine. But don’t discredit what he does by circulating in falsehood, as he’s nowhere near as bad as Soulja Boy and… that’s just silly.

  • Hamood

    work tegether man he should be happy that eminem taked a picture with him


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