Bad Meets Evil Finally…

1. Welcome 2 Hell
Produced by Havoc

2. Fastlane
Produced by Supa Dups

3. The Reunion
Produced by Sid Roams

4. Above the Law
Produced by Mr. Porter

5. I’m on Everything feat. Mike Epps
Produced by Mr. Porter

6. A Kiss
Produced by Bangladesh

7. Lighters feat. Bruno Mars
Produced by Eminem, The SmeeZingtons & Battle Roy

8. Take from Me
Produced by Mr. Porter

9. Loud Noises feat. Slaughterhouse
Produced by Mr. Porter

So, aside from Bruno fucking Mars being on it (why, why why!), the track titles sound pretty inviting to say the least. I’m especially excited to hear “Welcome 2 Hell” and “Above the Law”.

5 thoughts to “Tracklist for ‘Hell: The Sequel’ (Bad Meets Evil) Revealed…

  • Cammie

    Gee whiz, and I thughot this would be hard to find out.

  • hamood

    oh man they seems a great songs

  • Aneesh

    I’m not tripping too much on the Bruno Mars song, as long as it isn’t a love song. with Eminem song titles, he always leaves you wondering what the song will end up being about. with the leak probably coming soon (of course i’m gonna buy it but i’ma listen to the leak obviously too), I’m getting really anxious for this EP! Em’s last 2 albums have been great and hasn’t had a wack verse since he got off the drugs so I have very high expectations for this album.

  • chanel

    looks like good songs from the titles
    and the fact there Em’s songs <3

    • Mike

      yeah boy! besides gay bruno mars


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