Finally. Here’s the tracklist for MMLP2.

Eminem's 'The Marshall Mathers LP 2' Album Track List

My first impressions, unfortunately, are not good.

I don’t want to jump to conclusions but I’m disappointed from quite a few angles just on sight here.

Firstly – having Rihanna and Skylar Grey on MMLP2… really Em? It’s not the fact that they are pop stars (waits for someone to mention Dido) – as obviously Dido was on MMLP1, but that was an organic sample flip. And Dido was NOT a huge pop star, she became that because of “Stan”, so the move was not done for sales. Where as having Rihanna on the fucking album… it’s just so obvious.

MMLP was the anti-everything album: anti-censorship, anti-commercialism, anti-obvious… so if Em is going to create a sequel to that, shouldn’t it aim to be even less obvious, rather than settling for really mediocre artistic decisions which Em’s biggest detractors could guess with their eyes closed?

Secondly – these track titles look abysmal. They literally look like track titles fans have been guessing for the past two years +, “Legacy” (really!?). These kind of cute TV-friendly metaphor summations of themes about overcoming the odds, intended to be played over fucking sports montages are Recovery!

Finally – “Survival”. I don’t think I need to explain why on this one so much. Em’s rapping on this track is fantastic, and the production actually isn’t bad… but it’s soo generic and predictable. Again, this sounds like a Recovery leftover, it does not sound like a new era of Eminem let alone an era which is supposedly a sequel/improvement to his absolute masterpiece. The Marshall Mathers LP was not about overcoming any odds – Eminem was not a self-serious fighter of obstacles… he was a detached badass, there was no such thing as odds to overcome, he defined his own reality with his ingenious irony and storytelling. This new Eminem is much more lame.

Also, to put a track which since day one has been associated with a fucking video game, and to have COD footage in the video and still put it on MMLP2?… Wow.

1. Bad Guy
2. Parking Lot (Skit)
3. Rhyme or Reason
4. So Much Better
5. Survival
6. Legacy
7. Asshole (feat. Skylar Grey)
8. Berzerk
9. Rap God
10. Brainless
11. Stronger Than I Was
12. The Monster (feat. Rihanna)
13. So Far…
14. Love Game (featuring Kendrick Lamar)
15. Headlights (feat. Nate Ruess)
16. Evil Twin

On a more positive note, I’m looking forward to “Bad Guy”, but tracks like “Rhyme or Reason” sound like B-Grade rapper song titles. At the very least I’m glad that it appears he’s going to be tackling hip-hop themes, but I can just imagine “Headlights” being some stadium-filling attempt about the trappings of fame. That’s really fucking lame if that’s the case – I really fucking hope it’s not, because this kind of predictable conformism will tarnish the MMLP legacy.

I reaaaaaaaaaaallly hope that I’m reallllllllly wrong and that Em surprises the fuck out of me with mind-blowing concepts and a sound which is as consistent as fresh. I really really hope that’s the case and I think a lot of worried fans do too, but all the signs are pointing to something a lot less thrilling.

Only a few weeks until we find out…

14 thoughts to “Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Tracklist…

  • Arian

    Its Ironic how you judged legacy cause Arguably its probably the best track on MMLP2

  • Pat

    Personally, I’m excited, Berzerk and Survival, I will admit were below the par of his other singles. But if you pay attention, the released singles are usually just for sales and to get attention at the top of the charts. Even if he does have a sub-par album, it’s still going to be 2000 times better than any other rapper’s album because he simply is the best.

  • Lionista

    Every album after Encore, Eminem has been beasting to become a greater rapper than he was before. Especially after hearing Rap God, he has definitely out rapped his entire career BUT the thing that made Eminem so special wasn’t just that he was a great rapper, it was that he was writing great songs. I want him to continue to be a beast rapper like on Rap God and Berzerk, but I am afraid MMLP2 won’t live up to how great the songs were on MMLP1 like Stan and The Way I Am. I hope it does!

    Eminem Show is still my all time favorite album of his and rap album in general, and its mostly because he wrote some great fucking songs on their.

    Dont just write great raps Em, write great songs while rapping on them! You need to find something to say again, the subject matter and emotion of these songs matter!

    Still love all your work though, especially songs like Beautiful and Going Through Changes!

  • Jordan

    Eminem just released rap god!!! :/ why does he keep releasing songs early? How can you be exited about an album if you already heard a bunch of the songs.

    • EminemBase

      Probably rushed it out due to the fan reactions to “Survival” and the tracklist…

      Because on no level does “Rap God” sound like a single.

      Either that or just because it’s been 3 years so they assume he needs to.

      What do you think of “Rap God” by the way? His rapping is sublime. I think it’s unreal.

      • Jordan

        It’s a very amazing song, it’s lyrically amazing and it gave my shivers when the beat dropped?

        I love it, it’s one of those songs where you’re not sure at first but then he blows you away! It has his funny voices, the chika thing haha I’m not sure if it was just a playback tho? But I can still hear his voice from recovery. Hmm.

  • Jordan

    I hope he scraps survival, berzerk and the monster

  • AlexLP

    I couldn’t agree more on the Rihanna-Grey topic. Other than that there’s no reason to judge an album just by its tracklist. And what’s wrong with Recovery? I don’t get it.. On Recovery he was much more mature than on any of his previous albums and he combined this fact with his talent, which led to a great album.
    Let’s not fool ourselves, there’s not gonna be another MMLP. And that is cause Em has changed his life and mind on so many things. Maybe, the thing he will try to do is bring the MMLP flow/style up to the Recovery era… I mean Berzerk seems to be lyrically closer to MMLP’s style, but still there’s something to it, that makes it different and new.
    I like both singles, and I love where this seems to be going with MMLP2. But that’s just my opinion..

    • Jordan

      I would have no problem if Rihanna wasn’t there and if he didn’t do a mmlp sequel. This looks like a completely different album. I mean if it was called someone thing else it would be ok but he can’t try n top mmlp with those names.

      • AlexLP

        I don’t understand how you can say that just by reading the titles of the song..
        Anyway, let’s just wait until November 5th. There’s no point in judging the album until then

  • Jordan

    True that man, also… Where the fuck are the ken keniff skits?! Blonde hair an erything getting me excited…

    Then I heard bezerk an I was like blerg wtf is this but after awhile listening to it, I loved it but I was thinking this isn’t mmlp material it still has that recovery feel too it a bit. same with survival that’s actually an amazing song but it’s still in the recovery zone.

    Ah idk after waiting so long for this album it’s gonna me a but worked up :/

  • Jordan

    Man you took the words outta ma head :/ I’m pretty pissed about this too. I was expecting a track named something like, “I never gave a fuck” but he puts fucking “stronger than I was” that sounds like he’s still carrying on about recovery. Man it sucks and this is probably going to be his last album since he’s in his 40’s now. I was hoping he was going out with a bang with dre and Obie and his good old pals even bizzare woulda been nice. I really hope the album can top atleast encore.

    • EminemBase

      Yeah seems like it will be mixed/confused again man… sigh.

      Hopefully we’re totally wrong but what else could tracks like “Headlights” and “Stronger Than I Was” be about other than ‘overcoming the odds’ themes and fame…

      Those themes are fucking Recovery and have no place on MMLP2.

      And those tracks will be at odds with “Bad Guy” and “Asshole”… he’s not made a top-to-bottom consistent album since TES. Relapse was nearly there but he went and shoved fucking “Crack a Bottle” and “Beautiful” on it.

      It’s like he’s scared to 100{971d0a072875b4b9fb7a027a51293b64e24a2a4063055416ceedc6df90dc9fcb} carry through a vision now, always puts back-up tracks or tracks to ‘balance’ the album to lessen the blow…

      Where as… there is NO track, not one, like that, on MMLP. It’s back to front ferocious artistic bigotry. Which is why it’s a masterpiece… and probably the last he’ll make.


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