It’s finally here…

Was it worth the wait? well, I think they were all pretty fucking great.

A lot of people go on about rap going down the drain but seriously, just listen to the complexity of the rhyme schemes of these guys and how effortlessly they tie it all together, and compare that to much older rap. To say some of the great rappers haven’t improved, or stepped it up, is not true.

Em seems to have developed a new confidence too – he seems much more sure of himself. Even more-so than in the past, as he doesn’t seem to have that underlying self-consciousness and self-doubt. I can definitely see his style evolving in small ways, and I think he’s going to start doing small bursts of energy packed rhyme schemes now, like the part where he spazzed out at the end.

All in all, very satisfying. What are your thoughts?

5 thoughts to “The Shady 2.0 Cypher (Video) – BET

  • carol

    Awesome flows right there..

  • Hamood

    as mark said SHADY TILL I DIE

  • Aneesh

    All i have to say is, BEST FUCKING CYPHER EVER!!!!!!!! wow they all went IN, as IN as someone can go, wow. that should make everyone wanna quit rapping.

  • Mitch

    They all killed it, slaughterhouse & Yelawolf won alot of new fans tonight I guarantee you that, Em did what was expected and closed it off with a bang……….. I’d have to watch it again a few times to decide who went in the best tho

  • mark

    All i can say is….SHADY TILL I DIE!


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