A new song featuring Em, from Rihanna’s upcoming album, has leaked.

What did you think of Em’s little verse? personally I liked the experimentation; I know a lot of fans didn’t like the silliness in there, but after the “rear, rear, rear” bit, I think Em’s flow and delivery, and rhymes, get tight and interesting as hell. At the very least this let’s us know that Em is still experimenting, still trying to push his rhymes and cadences in to new dimensions. I can’t wait for his solo album.

3 thoughts to “Rihanna feat. Eminem – Numb (Leaked)

  • Tina

    I love this song seem to find myself in the same relationship.

  • B.D

    All i’ve gotta say love the different side of expression he gave. Em i’m turning into stan no homo.

  • walt

    rhiannas part was slow and boring and ems verse wasnt too long and i dont like the tempo hes been using lately. he got stuck on the same kinda style since welcome to hell. just like he did with his accents now hes stuck on this weird flow. i love em but i like when he is rapping like he did on recovery and eminem show


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