So, late last year the song “I Need a Doctor”, supposedly a Detox song (featuring Eminem) – leaked.

Eminem and Dr. DreLike I say, apparently this is a song meant for Detox, and apparently the 2nd single, the 1st being “Kush“.

It’s produced by Alex Da Kid and features two of Em’s most hauntingly honest verses ever. In it, he speaks earnestly and admirably about Dre’s integrity and help he’s given him, before then laying bare some of his mentor’s insecurities, including his struggles with decision-making, yelling the line “You’re supposed to fucking be MY mentor”…

Alex Da Kid mentioned it late back year, a little before it leaked – and said he thinks it could be the biggest song of the last ten years.

I think we can all agree that’s a bit over the top, in fact… insanely over the top. It’s a good song, don’t get me wrong. But THE LAST TEN YEARS? Not even close. The vast majority of Eminem’s back-catalog alone eclipses it, think of the classics on the first three albums, think of songs like “Stan” and “Lose Yourself”. This song doesn’t even compare in jest. But, it’s a good song all the same.

A few tweets and the addition of the song on this future releases list seem to be the source(s) and validation of this supposed release-date. We’ll see. For those who didn’t hear it…

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