Here’s a preview that has been officially released by Em’s team, of the upcoming video for “Fast Lane”…

I think the video looks pretty good personally. I really wasn’t expecting that kind of direction / presentation, it’s reminiscent of the music video for “Gatman and Robin” from 50 Cent’s The Massacre.

Given the overall sound of the song and the visual nature of the lyricism (although… they’re always both very visual lyricists), I think this kind of video is probably a good option for this song. Let’s wait and see how the final product turns out, should be coming any day now.

3 thoughts to “Preview of “Fast Lane” Music Video…

  • Tom Fewster

    Cant wait till album drops!! video looks greeat too!

  • hamood

    yeah its fun but i agree with chanel we are still waiting for space bound ….

  • chanel

    this is great an all but im still waiting for space bound ….


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