Paul Rosenberg has just sparked a shit-storm of speculation.

With a post of him holding Yelawolf’s upcoming Trial By Fire album and promoting that, there is a (now) clearly fake billboard ad visible through a window, see:

Look what arrived at the Shady offices today! @Yelawolf TRIAL BY FIRE comes out this Friday 10/27! #cdbaby

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  • Em’s classic backwards E on the bottom “REVIVAL” text, also looking somewhat like a logo, with colouring and style going on and also some soundwave symbolism next to the text

Now people did some digging and found a website called “Ask About Revival“, which is basically a spoof website – talking about REVIVAL as a drug which cures a fictional illness called “Atrox Rithimus”, which is actually two Latin words slapped together, which actually translated as “Atrocious Rhymes”. Interesting.
So… REVIVAL is a ‘cure’ for ‘atrocious rhymes’.

Check out the fake TV ad they even created for this:

Firstly, I love the marketing here.

Slick, and clever, to combine Yelawolf and Em’s promotion in that way which results in a pic and a post centered around his album release… blow-up, due to a cryptic clue to a new Eminem album, bringing tons of people to that post.

Time will tell if that actually has any effect on Yelawolf’s sales.

More than that though – the effort and detail they went to with the ad and the site is great, lots of puns and little clues relating back to Em everywhere.

With regards to the album title… I have mixed feelings. Ultimately, it comes down to the album content itself and if it turns out to be amazing – I’m a believer that the title then usually becomes amazing also as the material itself is iconic.

HOWEVER, it is a¬†predictable title after “Relapse” & “Recovery” fans were guessing other RE words right after that; I’m sure this came up tons prior to MMLP2.

Also, it’s yet another implication of either looking back, or coming back… Relapse was ‘relapsing to old ways’ and means to essentially fall back into something; Recovery was ‘recovering to top state’ aka coming back to greatness or again… an old level, an older feeling; MMLP2 was a sequel to his most acclaimed album, again chasing the past and now Revival.

I do have a bit of a hunch that Em is using that title to imply ‘revival of real rap’ or lyricism or something, just due to his recent look with the old school bling, plus the lack of beats (almost as if to say the rap is the only thing which matters) and his never-ending but especially lately – technical obsession. Rap, rap, RAP!!

(Also the fact ‘revival is a cure to wack rhymes’ sentiment)

IF it’s something along those lines, that’s not quite as bad. Not as bad as meaning ‘Eminem’s revival’, or his return to form. Because that’s four comeback albums in a row! And we don’t need more ‘fighting against the odds’ trumph songs. We get it Em. You’re back and you won’t give up. We get it.

That would just be super lazy and I’d expect more from Em.

I do have a feeling it’s the first theory though and that Em is about to drop a bombshell on rap, in terms of the technical aspect and the raps anyway.

Why November 17th?¬†you ask; Well – the website Hits Daily Double (somewhat of an insider site) which reports on industry news recently said Em’s new album was rumoured to be coming on November 17th; Now get this – Reddit users did some digging on this new ad and found out it was bought by Interscope on October 22nd and will expire in ’27 days from then’… Which is November 18th.

That is some pretty coincidental shit. Definitely weight to that date now.

Can’t hope to hear the music. Let’s hope we hear something soon.

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