Here’s the first new song from the legendary duo, it’s called “Fast Lane”…

It was produced by Supa Dups and Eminem.

I really like the beat on this, it’s much better than some of the awful beats on Recovery. I hope that Em assists heavily with the production throughout the EP to give it his cohesive, dark sound.

As for the song… I’m pretty impressed. They really seem to be trying to push their flows and rhyming to the limit here, and Em’s Nicki Minaj line is hilarious, the way he delivers it too. And his flow and structure nearing the end of that first verse – wow. Royce’s performance was out of this world also.

Hopefully this EP is going to be ‘other level’ hip-hop as, although it’s going to be damn near impossible to top their original work, they can give it one hell of a fucking shot. Em’s decapitation line in the second verse was very good too. He definitely seems to be striking the balance better now, with everything: with his flow, his tone, his punchlines, the whole package. And, that punchlines works all the way around, and isn’t forced. Good stuff. What did you think?

3 thoughts to “New Bad Meets Evil, “Fast Lane”

  • hamood

    damn yeah eminem your the best and good song

  • Chanel Jackson

    Em is killing it <3

    • Kareem

      Hell yea he’s killin it!


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