A bunch of new Em tracks leaked today, check em / Em out…

1. Ballin’ Uncontrollably

This is probably from 2007 given the flow and the Superbad outro, or maybe early 2008 due to the high-pitched voice Em uses on it, like “Give Me the Ball” which was supposedly from February 2008.

Anyway, it’s a pretty bad, throwaway song overall, just a bunch of babbling about rims and ballin’ – and, it’s Eminem so it’s clearly tongue-in-cheek, and there’s a few funny bits in it like the mustard line, but this was no doubt when he was having his worst case of writer’s block.

2. Emulate

Next up, a track that has been known for some years, since around 2006 (which is probably when it was made). Now, this was originally out with only one Em verse, so it was assumed incomplete but I had never actually thought about it as a full track, just thought they actually left it unfinished.

It’s strange how long something from such big artists can exist, in partial form for so long. So most of you will have heard Em’s first verse, it’s a blinder. His second verse is just as potent. Well, okay maybe not quite as potent as the first but it’s still VERY awesome. As Em says, he is a ‘walking art museum’.

3. G.O.A.T

Finally, a song where Em is truly honest about how he feels on his position in rap history. He has of course hinted numerous times prior to this, in the odd line or two that he feels he’s great, but outside of that he’s always played the fairly humble Mr. Mathers.

I had always suspected Eminem knew he was one of the greatest and that he was slightly bitter that he’s not mentioned more in hip-hop. As let’s face it: yes, he has had his public due for the most part – he’s respected as a legendary artist and a lyricist to be reckoned with, but when it comes to respect from within hip-hop… it’s been for the most part, fleeting.

It’s like everyone knows he’s the best but rarely says it. Every MC alive is quick to give 2Pac, Biggie, Nas and Jay etc. immediate props and even now clowns like Lil Wayne, yet seem to ignore Em. As if his first three monster albums don’t eclipse everything those guys have done. I mean seriously, do anything they’ve done stack-up to The Marshall Mathers LP? can you honestly say any of the other greats have been as CLOSE to as daring, fierce and uncompromising. With that album Eminem pushed free-speech to the absolute limit, but more importantly, in such a blindingly clever artistic manner, it was unlike anything hip-hop, or MUSIC had ever seen.

Then there’s the styles, I mean… Em has done almost every type of song and rap style imaginable, he’s expanded the boundaries of wordplay and pushed rhyme and flow to the outer-limits. Honestly, I am a huge Nas fan, I’m a 2Pac fan… I’m a fan of many of the often noted greats, but Eminem has far surpassed them in every aspect. And, even if you don’t agree Em is THE greatest, he’s unarguably ONE of, and it’s about time he got his proper respect from within hip-hop itself. I’m glad this track leaked, shows what’s really on his mind.

Eminem has mastered the art of rap, to a far greater degree than other greats.

4. Going Crazy

This is a fairly standard D12 song.

What takes it above average is the hook and Em’s verse: WHAT’S NEW?!

Swifty and Kuniva both provide good enough verses, as always, but the problem is – we’ve heard it all before, and if nothing is new then what’s the point. Thing is, Em says a lot of similar things a lot of the time too but he always creates a new style and sound, and that’s why it sounds distinctly different and why he rarely gets boring.

Where as, the rest of the crew keep the same voices and flows I mean… most of their verses are interchangeable, may as well all be from the same freestyle session(s). They really need to knuckle down on writing towards an aim or concept, or the concept of the hook more as, if this is all they’re going to do next album I’m not excited at all. Yes I like D12 but do we really need a third album of Swifty swigging beer bottles and getting into bar fights and Bizarre raping pets? They need to bring something new, AT LEAST a new sound. Em is the only one providing change here.

5. I Get Money (Freestyle)

So this is a quick freestyle verse from Em, over 50 Cent’s “I Get Money” track of course.

Well, I call it 50 Cent’s because he slapped his name to it, but it’s not like he produced the track or wrote the hook. So let’s say, over Audio Two’s or Apex’s “I Get Money” track.

Considering that track is from 2007, and given Em’s flow I’d say it’s pretty safe to bank on it being from that year. I actually like Em’s voice from this period (2006 / 07) and all of The Re-Up. And actually, if you properly listen to the verses from The Re-Up, they’re pretty decent indeed. I think fans totally exaggerate how bad they are, or almost ‘trick’ themselves into thinking they’re bad just because they KNOW Em was supposedly high around then.

Because, listen to Em’s verse from say “The Re-Up” (title track), it doesn’t sound far off from what he’s doing now. The rhyming is decent enough, the flow is bad-ass and there’s some nice lines in there. And “Public Enemy #1” is great too.

As for this freestyle verse, it’s cool enough for what it is. I like the intro with Em doing 50’s part and you also get to hear some more of Em’s clear bitterness at that time at being left out of hip-hop’s mouth of appreciation. He even caps it off by asking for Kanye’s glasses. I hope Kanye hears this. It’s not a diss, but it is an implication he could walk in Ye’s shoes with ease – that’s sure to bruise up West’s ego, but I can’t see him getting upset at Em, so who knows what will happen. Popcorn please.

6. It’s Been Real (Outro)

This sounds like it was an outro for King Mathers.

I actually like and have always liked Em’s high-pitched singing. I recognize that it has a slightly ear-wrenching quality about it and that he isn’t a great singer, but it just sounds cool to me. I think he has such a grasp of melody, musical timing and rhythm, that his inability to hit or hold notes as strongly is largely overcome by his natural talent. And I think people feel that too.

I do wish that he would sing lower more often like on the first half of the “Space Bound” bridge though, that actually sounds good.

This outro also makes it sound like Em was planning to retire after this album, and he even thanks people who help built his career as if the credits are rolling on his legacy. Lmao at him not mentioning 50, but everyone else. Way to go, 50 SUCKS.

7. The Apple

Sounds like another song intended for King Mathers (2007) or at least a song from that period. He has his Re-Up voice / flow and he’s singing on it, and sounds like his production.

That’s what’s so unique about Eminem, you can tell not just from round-about what time a track is from, but nearly always the exact YEAR, because he makes each style so distinct. And the fact he does it within the confines of rap, so has to alter his tone, flow structure(s) and writing to do that, is what’s so impressive.

Very few artists period have so distinctly altered themselves each new album. Even The Beatles, of which I’m a fan, but even they made albums in a row whereby you could quite easily switch the songs, or their voices and not tell the difference. Where as, can you imagine putting “My Name Is” on The Marshall Mathers LP. Or “Remember Me” on The Eminem Show.

As for this song, “The Apple”, I like it. There’s some new subject-matter about how his mother told him (and was lying) that he had a baby sister who died. And, whilst I definitely get tired of childhood tales in his music, as I think it’s a waste of his talents now, this is something that’s not been talked about before, so it feels a little more fresh. The chorus is very nice too and Em’s production is stellar.

8. Wee Wee

This is a silly song, from late 2008. Which is apparent in the fact he mentions a movie which was out in October 2008, so it couldn’t of been any earlier. He also mentions Hannah Montana and has a bit if psycho violence and tricky flow here, and that’s very close to Relapse material, so this was presumably a transition of some sort.

It’s somewhat hard to tell why or at exactly what stage he did this track as it doesn’t fit with the other tracks at all and it doesn’t sound fully formed. It actually sounds like a hybrid of Encore and Relapse . You’ve got the silly toilet humour of Encore , Em’s production (I think) and a flow which sounds similar to “My 1st Single”, and he uses the “Rain Man” voice too.

Then you have some murder talk and perversion (Relapse) .

Personally I fucking love the track. Quite obviously I don’t think it’s actually a DECENT track as in something that should go on an album or is a worthy addition to his legacy, but it’s just class because it’s so absurd. And I think with tracks like this, and say “Big Weenie”, it almost makes no sense to say they’re ‘retarded’ or ‘silly’ as if it’s an accident or slip-up. Because they’re MEANT to sound absurd. Eminem is clearly not a ten year old, he’s an intelligent middle-aged man, and he’s purposely making those tracks that ridiculous but you’re meant to know he knows. That’s why they’re funny.

A lot of people miss the point with tracks like this. It’s not actually sticking things on his cock or the word “weenie” which are the humour, or the humour to be gotten out of these tracks. It’s the fact you know Eminem isn’t actually like that, and that it’s an indulgence. An indulgence in mock-petulance and childishness. It’s funny not because it’s ridiculous, but because we all know it’s ridiculous and we all know Em knows it’s ridiculous. If this track was intended to come across as somber and thought-provoking, and it came out like this, point taken. But it doesn’t really make sense to call it retarded, as a fault, when that’s its aim. So what do you think of the tracks, what’s your favourite(s)?

7 thoughts to “More New Eminem Tracks, Leaked…

  • TheRealSlimShady

    Best one is The Apple…
    Btw i lv ol em’s songs so cn’t judge 1.. <3

  • mc

    hey, none of your links work, where can i hear these?

  • AskTheTree

    Dude, what the hell is going on? There are so many songs by Em leaking..

  • Kamikazi Hero

    Wow. Holy balls, where do these leaks come from? A lot of these sound around “Encore” era, no? Any DL links for these?

  • aneesh singh

    I’d say “the apple” is my favorite track cuz of the concept of it and the emotion delivered and the beat is just insane! and it’s one of the few tracks during his addiction that doesn’t feel forced or blabbering.
    but his verse on “going crazy” is just insane, but to be expected since that’s the only track off this leak that is during his Recovery phase.

  • Nick

    My favorite was It’s been real, I know it’s not really a song but it’s just sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo like omfg!!!

  • hamood

    its hard but i must choose i choose all of them i cant choose one but i can choose all i love you eminem


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