Shady Records Charity Buzz are giving you a chance to meet Paul Rosenberg (yes, the bald one, from the album skits!) – Eminem’s manager who is often with Em in interviews.

You’ll also get to meet the team involved with Em’s promotion and overall public persona, the guys at Shady Records.

Now, when I say you ‘get the chance’ to meet them, this makes it sound as if it’s a prize give-away, which it isn’t. This is a charity fuelled event where you place a bid for this opportunity, and then the highest bid wins (obviously).

Where does this money go? Well, the proceeds of this event benefit Sierra Leone, and you could well be responsible for helping to build a school for those less fortunate and in severe need of nurture.

We in the West often forget how good we have it. We also often complain of the little irritations in our lives when in all actuality we’re INCREDIBLY lucky to live where and how we live, most of us are rich and we don’t even know it. Even if you live in a lower-class neighbourhood and have basic public education, that’s often a damn sight better than can be said for many of the youth and children in parts of the world less governed.

So, if this sounds enticing to you or something that you’d be interested in experiencing: click here to go through to the page where you can place a bid for this event. If anybody who happens to read this is the one that wins this thing and meets Paul and the rest of Shady, drop back here and share you experience!

3 thoughts to “Meet Paul Rosenberg (Eminem’s Manager) and the Shady Records A&R Team in NYC

  • dean

    eminem for ever (tid)= till i die

  • Mary Agnes Baldwin

    To Whom It May Concern,

    My name Is Mary 35yrs,Caregiver,Nursing Student,Divorced Mother of 5 kids,whom all of them are very smart and intelligent! Nona-14yrs skipped twice in school now a Junior, Ralph-12yrs enjoys music & skateboards, Latrell-8yrs honor roll student whom loves Eminem! Salina-7yrs honor roll student loves dancing & singing, Michael-4yrs whom Loves Eminem! And quotes his lyrics. I have been trying to find a way to contact Eminem for my son Latrell, he wanted to meet Eminem for Christmas! Latrell is from an single parent, his dad and I departed in 2009, I decided to walk away from a 7yr mentally, and emotinally abusive realationship, with the help of God and honestly from the help of Eminem song “I’m Not Afraid” I left those Demons behind.(Thanks)
    The kids and I would love to meet Mr.Rosenberg & Team!!! If possible Latrell Jr. would love to meet Mr.Mathers (Eminem) Latrell was hoping he could meet Eminem for Christmas 2011, and he didn’t. However, he still hoping to meet Eminem before his birthday April 13th. Being a single parent without childsupport is very hard, although I teach the kids to share and love everyone!!! We would love to help and also, offer a bid of $200.00 I know the amount is not much, it’s all I can afford at this time. Please contact me (414) 469-1530 cell Thank-you

  • Hamood

    Now let me say something EMINEM made us LOVE RAP


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