Bad Meets Billboard Aren’t we all just super excited that Em and Royce have re-united as Bad Meets Evil? well I am anyway. And, their first official single from their upcoming EP (Hell: The Sequel) has shown that maybe quite a few others are too.

“Fast Lane” debuted at No. 32 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart with 84,000 downloads upon its release.

We’ve already seen a rise of lyrical and artistic rap shaping the forefront of the genre again since Em’s return (2009, coincidence… ?) and this is another minor and yet promising sign that decent, crafted hip-hop can and will sell (and is selling). Don’t forget, this is only the debut, therefore the track hasn’t necessarily peaked yet. And when you consider that it’s just an all-out lyrical battle style rap track, that’s a very high start.

I think the suits just assume the market isn’t there for intelligent content or rather, an easy hit shoots up the charts and makes a quick buck (COUGH Soulja Boy) and their eyes turn into rolling, lustful dollar signs. They just think they can replicate it again and again and that nobody will ever tire of it. And, some morons never do but after a while, they feel the push back as hip-hop is just too much of a confrontational genre to take it lying down – so you get people like Em and Kanye, and Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf fighting back big style.

And when some of the people fighting back, like Em and Kanye are also huge commercial draws in positions of Power themselves, we see results. So, let’s have a toast to the douche-bags and, a toast to Bad Meets Evil: June 14th, 2011.

2 thoughts to “High Debut for “Fast Lane” at No. 32 on the Billboard 100

  • Chanel

    aw awesome

  • hamood

    this is a huge fan that shows eminem that they love him


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