Eminem, I mean… Paul just posted an intriguing Tweet on Em’s Twitter – with what looks like a prescription note (keeping in line with the medication theme we’ve seen so far, likely with the title of the 1st single:

Very much liking this promotion still.

Slick, sleek, minimal – classy. And it seems like Em and Paul have finally realised in this day and age that Em doesn’t need to be on fifty media spots here and there over the course of a year hinting of his return. Whenever Em is ready to drop – the world is waiting and a cryptic message in a post about Yelawolf or one Tweet gets every blog and newspaper on Earth speculating about his new shit.

That’s some serious power.

The title is dope as well, wouldn’t be a bad album title even; given how literal Em is with his song titles (the title is almost always what’s said in the hook exactly) and themes – I would say this is likely to be one of two things – either a rapgod-esque shit talking ‘king of rap’ track, implying he’s so good he can ‘walk on water’ type thing, or, an inspirational type song.

If I had to wish for either, it would be the first one, as I’m really tired of Em’s inspirational songs at this point. He’s done about 100 since his return and even himself realizes the redundancy of the theme “…different ways to word the same old song”, so I really hope this is something totally left-field and surprising.

Also, lots of suspicious nods to Relapse with this roll-out, with the whole theme. Maybe Em’s trying to tell is something. Are we getting an attempt at Relapse 2?

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