Eminem For a while now there’s been whispers about “Space Bound” being the next Recovery single. I believe speculation began purely as wishfulness from fans, as, it’s a very popular song from the album. And, one of my favourites too. Thanks for asking.

Jim Jonsin, the track’s producer also mentioned the track back when he was asked about working with Em, before Recovery came out. And back then he said that the song they did was strong and could be a single. So it was probably born a little out of that too. Well, looks as if the wishful, wandering whispers have materialized into reality as Paul Rosenberg recently confirmed them to be true, saying that Em is going to release “Space Bound” as the final single, then “put that project (Recovery) to bed”.

I’m sure you’re more than familiar with the song but, here it is again…

Definitely one of the album’s best tracks in my opinion. Maybe even one of the top three, though there’s plenty of competition. And, I’d of been just as happy to see “Cinderella Man” or “Almost Famous” as the final single, both are incredible songs in their own right. In fact, when you look at Recovery top to bottom, almost every song is incredible. I do think that in a few years it’ll be considered, certainly a near-classic, MAYBE a classic. I believe it is to close to that, to some already. I think the only thing holding it back is the production, which many view it as inconcistent…

But the more you listen to it, the more coherent it all begins to sound, the tracks seem to gel more overtime. And all of them sound like they should be there. I just wish that Em had produced them.

Well, I can go into a Recovery analysis more-so in the ‘Evolution of Eminem’ series – The Marshall Mathers LP is up next. For now, let’s wait and see if this single gets released, on apparently… February the 16th. Hopefully a video will be made too. I think there’s some very interesting possibilities for visuals, given the track’s poetic vibe and dark ending.

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