Earlier this month Em performed three huge shows in Australia. The first in Melbourne on December 1st, and the second and third in Sydney on December 2nd and December 4th.

Eminem in Sydney (Australia), 2011

Initial reactions to the shows were overwhelmingly positive with music critics and fans praising his energy and the overall enjoyability of the shows, seems as if Em is really regaining his legendary stage presence he was once known for. Here’s a quick look at some of the highlights…

So seems as if most people had a blast, but the response was not all positive.

More recently, a lot of fans who attended the Sydney shows complained of apparently “atrocious” sound quality, saying they could barely hear Em’s vocals and that the music was muffled.

I tell you what, muffled or not… I would of LOVED to have been at any of these shows. Seeing a living legend performing such absolute classic hip-hop on such a huge platform like that would of been truly thrilling. Many fans are actually demanding a refund and a bit of debate on the issue has ensued.

Were any of you in attendance to these shows, and were they as bad as is being made out by some?

2 thoughts to “Eminem’s Recent Shows in Australia

  • Gabe

    Bought 3 tickets for Sydney show @600AUD.Really pissed ,couldnt hear a thing he said,The huge stack in the middle of the Stadium WAS NOT TURNED ON no sound coming from that thing at all
    .Not his fault ,he was awesome .About 2000 of us repeatedly called out Turn it up,misunderstood,they thought we wanted it louder,Not so just wanted to hear!!! Sack the sound guy now!!!

  • Cords

    I was at the first sydney show. I’m not asking for a refund. I paid 150 bones for my ticket and I couldn’t see eminem except the odd glimpse on the screen and I couldn’t really hear him either. Pretty tough to take when I couldn’t really afford it but wanted to go so bad I paid it anyway. I’ve waited 10 years to see him and I was disappointed as hell that it didn’t live up to my expectations but I also realise that it wasn’t his fault. From the little I saw, it looked like he gave a hell of a performance.
    As you say – you would have LOVED to have been there and just see him perform – but what if you go and you can’t see and can’t hear?!?


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