So, a Blu-ray of Eminem and Jay-Z’s Home and Home show is supposedly coming out and this is a preview from it. This is obviously focused on the show that Em headlined, in Detroit, and I presume (though don’t know) that one of the New York show will come out too.

Regardless of what you think of Recovery, what is great about it is the way Em was able to coincide his life with what Detroit are going through also (a recovery process) and tie it all together to create a theme, and image. He’s always been good at that but watching this makes you realize to what extent he did it this time, it’s a real effort to make all the pieces fit again, and make his music a little bit bigger than just his life. Using his life as the base metaphor but hoping to inspire his city and other people too.

When you see him performing “Won’t Back Down” here too, it also reminds you that his live shows have been getting better and better of late, and I think he’s doing the right thing by easing back into it and doing spot dates, to get back into the groove. But, I love the fact he’s now using a live band and really seems to be embracing the whole musicality of it, more like a rock star, as apposed to just rapping – he’s feeding off the energy of the band and the crowd, it’s a real experience.

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