For those who don’t know, Slaughterhouse’s Shady Records debut album – welcome to: OUR HOUSE recently leaked online and has sparked an array of reactions amongst fans.

I’m sure there’s many people out there who hadn’t heard, or wouldn’t have heard of Slaughterhouse if not solely for their involvement with Eminem and their signing to Shady Records. So, for those of you who were waiting to hear Em’s contributions on this release, here you go…

In order of appearance on the album then:

1. Slaughterhouse feat. Eminem and Skylar Grey – Our House

2. Slaughterhouse feat. Eminem – Throw That

3. Slaughterhouse feat. Eminem – Asylum

Eminem executive produced this album and co-produced most of the tracks on it, he very much oversaw the whole thing in the same way that Dre did Em’s early albums.

The reason I am emphasizing Em’s involvement with this album as apposed to offering a straight-up appraisal or criticism of the album itself, or commenting too broadly on Slaughterhouse as a whole is obviously because, this is an Eminem blog; which isn’t to say all posts here will be void of views on some hip-hop in general, but if I start venturing too broadly, it may as well be a generic hip-hop blog.

What did you think of Em’s production, mixing, hooks, verse; and the album as a whole?

7 thoughts to “Listen to Eminem’s Contributions on welcome to: OUR HOUSE

  • David

    God, people need to shut the fuck up. Eminem was following Slaughterhouse’s style, this isn’t HIS album. He produced and made the beats, did the choruses, and verses, the way THEY wanted. So shut the fuck up and enjoy the album.

    • clare

      well said david! I love these three songs because it shows eminem still has fresh stuff to throw out there and I am excited for a new album because if these three songs are anything to go by the solo album will be fooking amazin as always! Hurry up Marshall the true fans cant wait!!

  • FAN of hip hop

    Eminem is the best rapper ever. His music is real. Im tired of every rapper talking the same shit b/c that’s what it sounds like most of the time. Im a huge fan of slaughter house and shady b/c they put out good music. Nas, and mobb deep use to be my favorite rappers to listen to but they feel off. I hope eminem and slaughter house continue working together b/C THEY HAVE GOOD MUSIC. Im waiting for 50 cent and kendrick lamar to drop thier albums. Come on dre! Don’t be sacred. We need detox. Put cash money and kanye on the sideline for a while.

  • phoebe

    Honestly I could not be more stoked with these three songs, don’t know about the rest of you but I have been waiting for Eminem to release a new song and even if this isn’t an entire song to himself it gives us a glimpse into his focused delivery. I’m impressed and can’t wait to see what he brings next with pink and his next album. Exciting times for Eminem fans!

  • Hamood

    I liked our house because Eminem verse is awesome and throw that is good but Eminem sings the chorus and Asylum is good but Eminem also sings the chorus can’t wait till his new album the shit gonna be crazy (:

  • Beshr Al Khateeb

    Our House: Eminem’s hook sounded great at first, I really love this way of hooks/bridges, but I believe their are extremely too much effects on the vocals that actually make it sound awful.
    Eminem’s verse is okay, but it lacks hot flow in many parts.
    The production of this song sucks.. it’s even worse than the production of certain songs on Recovery; as I said, their are too many effects on the hook vocals which make it sound irritating, the beat is one of the worst; the drums are noisy and the beat doesn’t really fit for this song.

    Throw that: Eminem’s hook and bridge sound awesome and, they’re full of energy, I like’em. Regarding the lyrics, honestly, I am shocked Eminem agreed to spit such disgusting lyrics.. If you listen to all Eminem songs, you will find out that he ,almost, never spits such stupid lyrics and we all know it. Regarding the production, the effects on the vocals are just nice and balanced. The way the hook enters after verses sucks dick! so much vocal and instrumental noise, then the rest of the verse, the verse is suddenly cut then the hook breaks in! The beat is fine and it fits the song style.

    Asylum: Eminem’s hook is damn great, I love the fact that he used the accent from Relapse. Effects on the vocals are excellent and well balanced. The beat is not bad and it really fits and goes well with the verses.

    My overall rating: I was really disappointed, especially by the vocals and beat of Our House and by the lyrical content of Throw it. I do really hope Eminem’s next solo project isn’t like that!
    In addition, I noticed that the overall productions, including beats and vocals, aren’t good enough, although the were produced or co-produced by Eminem himself. To be honest, I find that Mr. Porter is a much better producer than Eminem, Mr. Porter was the main producer of Hell: The Sequel and it was awesome and well balanced. And finally, I want to say that I still find Dre the best producer ever, I do really hope that he produces Eminem’s upcoming solo project. Dre’s production is awesome and is the most balanced ever!

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge huge big ass Eminem fan 😀

  • strefan

    i honestly think ems had enough of criticism from his fans i mean he was criticised for his accent with relapse he was criticised for his screaming/puchline delivery on recovery and hell: the sequel so now hes giving the finger to his fans by rapping in this wierd flow on our house and throw it up typical slim shady behaviour i believe he made 3 excellent albums and those 3 albums are both a gift and a curse a lift and a burden for him because they made him the goat he is but they also created high expectations from stans but thats my 2 cents


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