Yelawolf I’ve been up on Yelawolf for a little while now. I heard Trunk Muzik 0-60 and I was sold on him. So I was very happy indeed when I heard he got signed to Shady, it’s a perfect home for him.

Yela’s sound and attitude fits just right on Em’s label, and besides Em.

Radioactive is the title of Yelawolf’s debut album and it’s not long now. It’s to be released on October 25th of this year.

Em recently put out a written statement after hearing the finished product…

We are very eager for the world to hear Radioactive and proud to be presenting the album on Shady Records. Yelawolf is a true original and he has crafted an incredible record.

Now I’m even more excited to hear it. Yela is already a very versatile MC, able to do multiple style switch-ups within a single verse or from line to line, he boxes beats and writes very tricky rhymes and formations. Yet still makes its sound smooth and cohesive.

He’s also capable of writing massive, catchy hooks, has rock appeal, brings influence from many genres and is a very visual writer… which, in particular excites me. I’ve been waiting for a visual lyricist of his kind.

Yela said that he’s been saving certain concepts for his debut as they were ‘too good’ to use on mixtapes. Many new rappers do waste great material on mixtapes. B.o.B for example put so many album-worthy tracks on mixtapes. So I’m glad that Yela recognizes the potential waste in that.

Eminem is going to be featured on Radioactive, and also produce. Hopefully they’ve come up with something innovative or original together… I’m sure they have. Can’t wait.

4 thoughts to “Eminem Calls Yelawolf’s Album (Radioactive) ‘Incredible’

  • DtekFresnoCA

    2 of the illiest in the game can’t wait

  • Tom

    YELAWOLF is sik cant wait for this to come out 🙂

  • Justin

    Can’t wait for this YELAWOLF running the game right now

  • Hamood

    cant wait


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