EminemNow when I say some, I actually mean – six. To be exact.

Em was up for a total of sixteen Billboard Awards, he won the following…

Top Artist
Top Male Artist
Top Billboard 200 Album
Top Rap Artist
Top Rap Song
Top Rap Album

So, at least he won in the categories that count eh? but, then again, what really counts haha. It’s just awards. Silly awards. They don’t matter, they’re just statues and shiny plaques. Material matters, legacy matters… although, unfortunately, legacies can now be made from awards.

In acting say, if an actor wins an Oscar, they move into a whole new league. Which, is a bit silly. Because, out of the four Oscar nominees, it was just a matter of one panel’s opinion that year that the person that won, was ‘the best’ and if it was a different panel or different year: one of the other nominees could / would of probably won. So when you look at it like that, it’s pretty arbitrary.

I mean, obviously social reaction and the sort of, social consciousness of media and the zeitgeist all come into it and we all sort of ‘know’ when somebody has hit home on a performance. Or album. In fact in music that happens a lot, where an artist creates an album so great that even if you don’t particularly like them, you still know their album deserves the recognition. As, there is objectivity to subjectivity.

Speaking of Oscars, Em has one of those too 🙂 which he won in 2002 for “Lose Yourself”. A first, and I imagine… there probably won’t be a second for a longtime. As a song has to be pretty special to win an Oscar, never-mind a RAP song.

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  • hamood

    wow eminem is a realy special guy and like a legacy


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