Eminem Live in Canada Canadian Eminem fans rejoice, your idol will be coming to Montreal on July 31st this year, to headline the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival.

Joining Em on the lineup will be acts such as Death Cab For Cutie, Elvis Costello, The Flaming Lips, The Tragically Hip, Bright Eyes and others.

It’s been over a decade since Em last went to Canada and I’m pretty sure the last time he tried entering they were protesting the very sight of him, courtesy of The Marshall Mathers LP. What times ey?

What’s bizarre is, you would think that kind of extreme political madness would of extended back no further than the 70s or something but, just ten years ago? 2001?… that’s pretty bizarre indeed. Think of that, just ten years ago they were treating Eminem like a CRIMINAL! – treating a lyricist like a rapist. Strange, strange people. Politicians… leave art, the fuck, alone. Please, for all our sakes.

Anyway, July 31st is that date once again, just in case you needed reminding or would rather it rewritten to save yourself the enormous energy of going back and rereading what I wrote. Just imagine that effort. Actually, don’t, you may strain something.

6 thoughts to “Eminem to Headline the Osheaga Music and Arts Festival (Canada)

  • Haydo

    Does this mean he’ll be aloud here say a possible 2012 tour

  • tw

    It says on the website now that its the 29th.. the friday that eminem performs

  • polito

    Do you know 100{971d0a072875b4b9fb7a027a51293b64e24a2a4063055416ceedc6df90dc9fcb} that he is playing on July 31st?
    I just want to buy a one-day ticket to see him, but I wanted to make sure because I can’t find it anywhere else yet. I’m not doubting you, just clarifying before I spend a lot of money.
    Thanks for the article!

    • EmBase

      Well, nothing is 100{971d0a072875b4b9fb7a027a51293b64e24a2a4063055416ceedc6df90dc9fcb}, and certainly not an event as insignificant as this (in the bigger scheme of things) hehe. But, it’s not a rumour, it’s confirmed and it’s real so yeah, unless he cancels… bank on it. But, I didn’t make it up.

      • polito

        He’s playing July 31st! They just announced it on the Osheaga website. Thanks for your help though! Much appreciated! I’m just trying to find someone to go with me now…

  • hamood

    thats awsome i guess were gonna hear a new style from eminem i cant wait till i hear it eminem for ever


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