Eminem Shady 2.0 XXL Cover, with Slaughterhouse and YelawolfRemember a little while ago when I posted about the upcoming Shady Records XXL cover, well, that’s even closer now – and a few snippets of it have surfaced…

So by you know, Eminem has officially signed not only Slaughterhouse (comprised of Crooked I, , Joe Budden, Joel Ortiz and Royce Da 5’9″) but also up and comer Yelawolf, who is notable for his unique style and let’s face it, because of the fact he’s white. And I don’t mean, he’s getting attention because he’s white, I mean – everybody is focusing on that, due to the fact Em is still the only white superstar rapper on planet Earth. So, the fact he has signed Yelawolf, makes things… interesting to say the least.

This signifies a very exciting time for hip-hop, when somebody as big and relevant as Eminem is signing underground lyricists to put on the forefront of mainstream hip-hop. It signifies the struggle to keep lyricism and intelligent hip-hop at the forefront and to keep garbage at bay. Is it also a coincidence that the most stagnant period in recent times in hip-hop, was unquestionably 2005-2009… when a certain Mr. Mathers was totally absent from the game? I think not. He brings the attention on wordplay and writing back into play, he makes other rappers step their game up – as to not sound embarrassing.

Like all his signings, Em became a fan of Yelawolf first…

I saw the video to ‘Pop the Trunk’, and I was like, ‘Yo, this is fucking dope’. I took the CD home that I had already had and started listening to the shit, and I was like, ‘Fuck, he can spit.

Royce had this to add…

Be afraid, cause as soon as we make the announcement that Slaughterhouse and Yelawolf is signed to Shady, not even 30 days after that, it’s on the cover of the biggest hip-hop magazine.

To read the full piece you’ll have to pick up the edition which hits stands nationwide on February 8th. Or, wait till I post it here.

One thought to “Eminem Talks Shady 2.0 (XXL)”

  • StanBase

    Can’t wait to see what Shady records will bring in 2011 !
    Allthough I don’t think SR 2.0 will be better than the old, though Stat Quo and Bobby Creek was some bad signings, I still love Obie and D12, and Ca$is had a good EP.


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