We heard recently that a video for “Space Bound” is being shot but the confirmation was a little sketchy, but look no further for confirmation than photos from the video set a few days back. Check em out…

Eminem on the Set of the Music Video for "Space Bound" Eminem on the Set of the Music Video for "Space Bound" Eminem on the Set of the Music Video for "Space Bound" Eminem on the Set of the Music Video for "Space Bound"

Check out more of the new pictures in our gallery, here. Scroll down to ‘Latest additions’.

Now, that beautiful woman that you see in those snaps is Sasha Grey – a former porn star and model turned actress. She has appeared in the TV series Entourage and Steven Soderbergh’s 2009 drama The Girlfriend Experience and looks to be a fully active actress for hire now. But even though she’s left the adult industry behind, you can bet there’s still plenty of her ‘material’ available online. Wink.

So what’s her role in this video I hear you ask, well she’s going to being playing Em’s lover and the woman in the song obviously, why did you even ask. The video will portray an “intense storyline” with particular visuals.

It was directed by Joseph Kahn, who also directed the music videos for “Without Me”, “We Made You” and “Love the Way You Lie”. Filmed in California and promising to be something unique and extreme, especially if those closing lyrics are portrayed realistically, I personally can’t wait to see it and hope it does the song justice. No word on a release date yet, let’s wait and see.

8 thoughts to “Photos from “Space Bound” Music Video Set

  • Deedeec

    He is a sellout for casting Sasha grey
    I like the girl but Em could do better. This decision has been made only for financial reasons
    Entourage came first
    Now Em is a rip off sadly

    • EmBase

      How is HE (Em) a sell-out for that? lmao. I think people assume he’s in control of every aspect.

      He doesn’t direct or cast the music videos. The director, producer and casting agents sort all that. All he does is show up and do his part, he doesn’t decide who’s in it.

      I’m sure he collaborates with the director on a speech level, to try and mold the vision of the song. But he’s not in control of every aspect.

    • EmBase

      Also, it’s hardly like Sasha Grey is Pamela Anderson is it. She’s hardly known.

      She’s known for doing very brutal porn, particularly being choked etc. – so don’t you think it’s more-so because of the fact he CHOKES a woman to death in the song? that she’d be suited for that…

    • jesse

      how does casting sasha grey make him a sellout? stupid people find any excuse to bag on em, chill out man but then again how can i change one person as stupid as you

    • neuroxik

      Uhm… either you don’t know Em since the beginning, or you forgot, but remember in 2002? That’s almost a decade ago, and who starred with him in “Superman”? It starred pornstar Gina Lynn.

  • Cuntylocks


  • Jessica_Snell

    She is so hot!

  • hamood

    awsome we want to see it when it finish soon


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