For those of us who suspected that the movie Southpaw was probably a rumour, thankfully – we’ve been proven wrong. The movie is inedeed real, but it won’t be coming out quite yet.


Eminem’s official publicist Dennis Dennehy recently confirmed that Em will be putting the movie on hold, whilst he focuses on new music. His exact statement was this:

He’s focusing on his music right now, so while he’s doing that, while he’s in that space, he wanted to put this on hold for the time being.

Personally I am quite excited by the sound of Southpaw and think it’s the perfect next lead-role for Em, but I would of course much rather a brand new album from the Great White Hope!

Royce Da 5’9″ also recently confirmed in an interview that Em is indeed working on new solo material.

7 thoughts to “Eminem Puts Southpaw on Hold to Focus on New Album

  • why

    Eminem is the greatest rapper. He is a legend N if u rascals hate him, u’re fucking insane. No one in this world can compete em. He is the best

  • Nicole

    SQUAD UP lol never man flaka are both insults to the music inurstdy the only thing dats good about their music are the instrumentals youre a sad case man real sad .and besides who is the highest selling artist of the decade ..i wonder? .oh and when dat album outsells every thing flaka puts out i want u on ur knees .cause ure gonna b d one shinning me .peace and this goes for anyone who agrees with him ps:no biting

  • hamood

    Fuck Relapce Eminem said Relapce is shit in the song i’m not afraid I am waiting on Fire for his album and the D12 album and the Slaughterhouse album but his ALBUM MORE THANKS EM KEEP UP THE GOOD WOOOOORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • reece greenhalgh

    or come and rap at metro arena. it is closer to were i live 🙂

  • reece greenhalgh

    eminem should really come and rap live at the 02 arena, i would definetly come and watch, he is amazing !

  • K_H

    What. If. Relapse 2.

    Oh god.

    • Viviane

      i don’t know what fuck all yall haters are saniyg, this song is fucking sick! they both killed this shit. em’s a beast so is royce. and for anyone thats keep complaining bout then em’s new style fuck yall! if u don’t like it don’t listen to him plain and simple. i think its dope hes on a whole nother level with that shit. and hes not gonna rap exactly like he did on mmlp or sslp GET THE FUCK OVER IT!


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