Remember Em’s Super Bowl ad with Lipton Brisk ice tea?…

Well turns out there was more to that meeting than meets the eye. Apparently, Em and Lipton struck a deal in which they became official Shady Records partners, for the purpose of promoting the label’s newest artists. According to a released statement, they are planning a “groundbreaking” program together that will empower consumers to experience engaging new content from emerging artists.

Lipton Brisk will be arranging and sponsoring numerous Shady Records events to support new acts, one of which has already gone down – An event in New York, recently, to celebrate the signing of powerhouse rap supergroup Slaughterhouse.

Speaking on the recent Super Bowl ad (and subsequent deal), Paul Rosenberg said…

The folks from Brisk offered Eminem a chance to write his own Super Bowl spot and the opportunity to enter into a unique marketing relationship with Shady Records. It was a great opportunity to do something creative and fun that we couldn’t pass up. Who wouldn’t want the chance to write their own Super Bowl spot?

Eminem Promoting Lipton Brisk Ice tea

Aside from promotional events to support new talent, they will also be experimenting with nontraditional distribution methods to deliver music on a new scale.

So, this sounds like quite a bit more than a random endorsement after all. Which as a fan, I’m very glad to hear, this was the exact kind of news I was hoping would soon emerge as I was pretty confused and disappointed about the ad. In that, it seemed like a random endorsement for a quick payday, turns out it’s an ambitious new partnership to try and bring newly signed hardcore hip-hop to a large audience.

Good stuff.

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  • Kamikazi Hero

    So their is reason behind the madness, eh? Well, Can’t wait to hear the new artists that are coming out from this.


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