Eminem Performing at Bonnaroo Festival A few days ago, Em totally rocked the Bonnaroo Arts Festival.

Usually dominated by rock and pop acts, hip-hop took the cake this year, with Em at the forefront.

Em is certainly developing into quite the live performer again. In his prime (1999-2004), he was considered one of the most explosive, interesting and exciting performers on the planet but on his return he wasn’t quite as captivating. Which, is understandable when you consider how long he was out of the spotlight for (2006-2009).

So, it’s taken Em a little while to find his footing again and feel comfortable on-stage. He definitely stepped it up a gear when he did his sold-out shows with Jay-Z and he’s not let-up since.

Personally, I would love for Em to tour again and would actually LOVE to see the majority of the tracks from Relapse as well as Recovery performed live. But, since he denounced Relapse so bluntly on Recovery, he’ll look a bit silly doing that now. Despite the fact he still often opens or at least performs “3am”, “Beautiful” and “Crack a Bottle” – all of which are on Relapse.

Take a look at Em’s performance of “Cinderella Man” (one of my personal favourites from Recovery), after his all-time classic “Till I Collapse” and see what you think…

Em is 38 now so it’s definitely going to be interesting to see if he can climb back up to the level of showmanship and explosive excitement he used to exhibit in his earlier performances. I think that key to that success will be set-pieces and visuals. Unfortunately, a lot of his latest material is more-so strung together and has less cohesive themes meaning it’s harder to construct performances as consistent as those he did with songs from say The Marshall Mathers LP, and The Eminem Show. But, cheers to Em for keeping hip-hop alive. He’s certainly still a front runner and important part of the game.

5 thoughts to “Eminem Rocks at Bonnaroo Festival

  • Briatch

    Hell: The Sequel is most def. amazing, but who would’ve doubted it to begin with. I mean even at Em’s worse, he’s still the best. I went to Bonnaroo specifically for Eminem. (Lil Wayne was just a bonus) Unfortuantely, I missed Lil Wayne, but Em’s performance was worth it all! He’s the best, and he has never ceased to amaze me. I keep thinking that, “Okay, I’ve listened to him for over a decade, really…what else could he possibly do to top the other albums.” Everytime, I am pleasantly surprised to see that he did. Bad meets Evil is no different, in this sense, but I was sad to hear him say on one of his songs, “Take From Me”, “I have nothing else to give you, nothing else to contribute, farewell I bid you, but before I leave my last gift to you ladies and gentlemen Slaughterhouse I give you.” I hope he isn’t seriously done, but I can’t say that I blame him. There aren’t many artists who have stayed hot as long as he has, not to mention all of the obstacles he has overcome. Mad props to the man!! What’s up with him looking younger and younger btw?

  • hamed

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  • StanBase

    You should write something about hell: the sequel on this blog, im missing your reviews!

    • EmBase

      I’ll get on it 🙂

  • Hamood

    thats awsome


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