By now, I’m sure everybody including people from the past have somehow even heard Em’s recent BET Cypher where he goes at Trump the entire time.

Just to recap, here it is:

Almost everything Em does explodes into multiple headlines, but this is a big viral moment which we haven’t seen in quite a while, sparking all kinds of debate.

For a while (not sure now and can’t be bothered to check), this was #1 Trending on Twitter, I believe YouTube too (#2 currently), over 2 million people on Twitter have mentioned it – along with many celebs like Collin Kaepernick, Lebron James, Ellen Degeneres, Lord Jamar (hilarious) and on and on.

My feeling on this seems to match-up with most fans’ opinions and rap fans’ opinions in general; I like it for the anger, passion and message, which is clearly authentic. I love the fact of just doing this in general – given how big Em is and the fact he didn’t just use a few lines… he did an entire verse. He used this like an opportunity to use his voice to (and for) power to speak to what he perceives as an evil presence in the world. That’s commendable and it was cool to see.

From a purely rap perspective: it wasn’t bad. I was actually surprised by the detail Em went into with the issues he touched-on. Many people have commented that ‘it’s nothing new’ etc. … but so what? What is Em supposed to do – invent new facts? Lol. He’s commenting on the truth i.e. Trump’s hypocrisy of saying X then doing Y, he’s speaking on facts, and the way he spoke on them was pretty on-point.

I’ve heard better phrasing from Em, in terms of the lines feeling more poetic and impactful. Something felt a bit flat here, but maybe that was his intention, to make it more literal and head-on.

The most retarded thing I’m hearing fly around is that this is only viral because Eminem is white. That is fucking stupid. It’s viral because IT’S EMINEM aka he’s one of the most famous people on the planet, plus renowned for being an outspoken, anti-establishment writer.

If Kanye West did this exact same thing – we would see a very similar reaction: celebrities tweeting in support and global headlines. Kanye gets global headlines if he whines about not being let into the fashion industry. So the fact people act like it’s about race and not fame is disingenuous racial propaganda. This kind of shit just spreads more racially divisive thinking. We need to cut that shit out.

(Similarly if G-Eazy or Action Bronson did this… it would get almost no attention. Because almost nobody knows who the fuck they are. So it’s not about race, it’s about fame… plain and simple.)

Eminem BET Cypher 2017

Overall, I’m glad Em did this and his fury was felt.

Favourite line/moment from this for me was the ‘immigrant moment’ where he does “the racist redneck” accent and says ‘we gon build that thing up taller than this’, the kind of classic Em moment unique to him.

But! – I’ve noticed that almost everybody is kinda missing is how ballsy the opening is…

After the ‘coffee pot’ shit (which almost everybody is mocking), he says “UNTIL I COME UP WITH A SOLID PLOT” and plot was censored due to implying an assassination attempt on the President. Even to imply it – knowing it would be censored is some ballsy shit. Especially after being previously investigated in the Bush era, when he said he’d “rather see the president dead”. This is even more direct than that, this is Em personally implicating himself in a theoretical… assassination. Balls.

What was your thoughts?

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    Trump still hasn’t replied. What’s he afraid of?


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