Eminem at 8 Mile PremiereNot too long ago we heard that Em will be starring in a movie called Southpaw. A movie about an ex-champion boxer who self-destructs after suffering a serious life tragedy and then has to fight back, against the ropes, for his career and the love of his daughter. Cough (The Wrestler anyone?) – Anyway, this is obviously a loose metaphor for Eminem’s life, the second phase of his career – as, after suffering the loss of Proof, and struggling through a major pill addiction he’s had to fight his way back to the top of the rap game…

Well, that aside for a moment, there’s now news of him starring in another movie called Random Acts of Violence, a thriller.

Southpaw seemed very credible, the back-story seemed viable and probable and although no official confirmation from Em’s camp was ever made (I think?), everybody assumed it was true and nobody seemed to be denying it. So that’s why it seems so odd for news of this project, also with credible information to surface…

Apparently the film’s script has been knocking around for a few years, going through multiple rewrites, but a meeting with Em and his team is what’s pushed it back into production, with FOX. Em would play an ex-con who after release from prison is trying to stay out of trouble, in spite of his old crime partners tempting him to get back into the game. Meanwhile, the FBI try to convince him to work with them, to take down his old gang. It supposedly started out as a B-Movie, to the effect of a Grand Theft Auto movie, but is now more along the lines of The Departed.

Personally, although I would love to see Em in something along the lines of The Departed, I think Southpaw makes a lot more sense right now and for a second starring role.

I was actually quite excited about Southpaw and it seems to make perfect sense given what he’s just achieved with his career. And of course, acting is a different profession so he doesn’t need to mirror his musical life for it to make sense, but the movie is only a metaphor so that he can draw from real experience and… artistically, it ‘feels’ like a very correct move at this point. I can envision the movie, in coicnidence with his recent success, and it all fits together. It’s enough of a stretch to clearly not be himself and allow for some meaty character acting, but it’s also tied enough to his own experience(s) that it feels like ‘an Eminem project’.

Well, if either are true (and I suspect they both have merit), I’m just interested to see him move seriously into acting. He’s 38 now and, as he’s himself said he can’t rap forever, although… he seems to have loosened up on that remark / mindset of recent times (who doesn’t, when they’re actually approaching), but all the same – it would be nice to see him make a full transition. Nearly fourty may be old in the rap game but it’s certainly not old in the acting game and there’s no reason he couldn’t make it a second career when he’s done with rap.

He’s already proven his chops with 8 Mile and, I think acting is like humour, you either have it or you don’t and It’s quite obvious from his own work, 8 Mile aside that he’s a natural actor. From the various in-character persona’s of his music, to the extremely real and horrifying voice acting of “Stan” and “Kim”. And although people may dismiss that, what do you propose he was doing in those songs. Do you seriously think it’s not ‘acting’ just because a camera isn’t pointed at him.

Anyway, nobody’s quite sure for now, so we’ll wait for word from Em’s official camp.

3 thoughts to “Eminem in ‘Random Acts of Violence’ Movie?

  • sajjad

    I hope i see him more than my eyes can.

  • Waqas

    Good Write bro. I am looking forward to other entries. I would like to see Em in Southpaw more than Random Acts of Violence

    • EmBase

      Me too. I think ‘Southpaw’ is a better choice for his next movie.


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