Pink has recently let loose the fact that Eminem is on a new song, on her upcoming album.

Eminem and Pink 2012

Pink’s next album is called The Truth About Love and it comes out September 18, 2012; and the song Em is featured on is called “Here Comes the Weekend”. Pink has said that the song is an “alternative club-banger”, sigh. Let’s hope it’s more creative than it sounds!

Some people (myself included) were somewhat letdown with “Won’t Back Down”, not because it’s all that bad (although, it sometimes feels like it’s a ‘so bad it’s good’ kind of noise thrashing), but; pretty much any singer could have been on that hook. It wasn’t really definitive for it to be Pink. And for Em to work with an artist of that calibre and attitude – you would expect something special.

“Won’t Back Down” was just a punchline track; what I would want is something like “Love the Way You Lie”, and I don’t mean a song LIKE “Love the Way You Lie”, I mean a collaboration like that, where the collaborator makes the song something else. Rihanna was a public victim of domestic abuse, and so her singing on such a powerful song detailing that, is interesting, and effective.

Unfortunately, by the sounds of it, this next track isn’t going to break conceptual boundaries either.

Oh well, let’s just wait and see!

5 thoughts to “Eminem Has Made Another Song with Pink

  • Evan Ross

    I don’t personally like this combination of artists dating back to their collaboration of “Won’t back down,” on Eminem’s Recovery album. He could make better music with other artists like Kendrick Lamar or even Mac Miller.

  • junior

    well…where there is em, always expect the best. for the collabo was ok,maybe people just fee; obssesed by the collabo btwn em and riri…

  • kizwiz

    so where’s the review for this song? it’s been out for a couple of days!

  • Mike

    I agree with this article: Wont Back Down had some killer verses (then again every Eminem song does of course) but the hook was just so basic that it didnt really have any meaning to it, Love The Way You Lie is one of my favorite Em songs, and I know that sounds like im one of those bandwagon fans who just heard him on the radio but I love every song from Infinite and onward, and I love each and every one for different reasons… Is Love The Way You Lie Slim Shady? No, hes long gone. But as much as I LOVE Kill You, Still Dont Give a Fuck, ect… Eminem has grown up, hes not Eminem anymore… And, at least I thought, he became more serious, so to my point, this song sounds like a dissapointment because… Well just look at the title…. Eminem was never a “party song” artist, nor was Slim Shady… WTP is a fucking amazing song, but I feel like its more of a “make fun of party songs” song if that makes sense, what I LOVE about Slim Shady is that he was hilarious and raw and DIFFERENT, and what I LOVE about Eminem is that hes serious and hardcore and also DIFFERENT from this mainstream shit, but this song, unfourtunatlly, seems mainstream. I have yet to hear the song so im hoping for the best, but if Eminem continues to go in a less serious direction, that would honestly suck, because hes meant for seriousness now, the days of joking are over, and as far as “party songs” we hear enough of those already, if the greatest music artist of all time (in my opinion) turns to that what the fuck do we have left? I know this is a rant and I went a little off topic lol, but I would love for people to see and share thier feelings on this, and in conclusion, I hope “Here Comes The Weekend” Is less pop and more Rap then the title suggests, and I will be pleasentlly suprised by it, and I truly do have faith that Eminem can make that happen…

  • Mitch

    I was always surprised these 2 didn’t collaborate back in the day around like 2002, they both seemed to talk shit constantly about the same people (Britney, Christina, etc) , similar type attitudes and all, I thought it seemed like a natural choice for a collaboration. And I agree about Wont Back Down, they might as well have just let The girl from The New Royals stay on the song because having Pink on it really didn’t effect the song either way. Hopefully this track will be more of a true collaboration. I’m not the worlds biggest Pink fan but I had her “Missunderstood” album way back and as far as pop singers go she’s probably the best one for Em to work with, much rather hear that then Miley Cyrus or summin, at least Pink has kind of a rougher punk kind of edge to her at times


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