Obie Trice - Bottoms Up (Cover)

Obie Trice’s third album, Bottoms Up, is coming on February 28, 2012.

Obie did say that Em would be on the album, he actually spoke of two tracks named “No Turning Back” and “Friends With Enemies”, back in 2011. Turns out neither of those tracks will be featured, but instead one called “Richard”. Check out the full track list below:

1. Bottoms Up (Intro)
2. Going Nowhere
3. Dear Lord
4. I Pretend
5. Richard (featuring Eminem)
6. BME Up
7. “Battle Cry (featuring Adrian Rezza)
8. Secrets
9. Spill My Drink
10. Spend The Day (featuring Dre Skidne)
11. Petty
12. My Time
13. Ups & Downs
14. Hell Yeah
15. Crazy (featuring MC Breed)
16. LeBron On (bonus track)

Some have speculated that this will be some kind of throwaway, jokey track due to the possible penis (Richard) reference. Who knows, maybe that really is a name, and not a reference.

I’m hoping they’ve come up with a decent concept.

The track (“Richard”) was produced by Dr. Dre. The album is out on February 28, but it will no doubt leak much earlier so… expect the track, and the album, within the next two weeks.

3 thoughts to “Eminem is on Obie Trice’s Bottoms Up Album

  • God


  • God

    What a surprise…..your going to continue to make my comment to be “awaiting moderation”. You normally would have criticized people who did things like that and basically tried to censor someone and your doing the very thing.

    Its laughable.

    Nick just give it up. Your wack on both this blog and Trshady. Maybe its time to retire. Your prime is over and your never going to get back to your peak.

    Trims on trshady is the next legend right now. Just move on Nicky boy.

  • God

    God this guy Eminembase fell off so damn much…….both on Trshady and on this blog of his. What a shame…..From 2009 to the beginning of 2011 this guy was the man.

    Now he is just lame

    What a shame that he fell off so much


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