Eminem on the Cover of Billboard Magazine The Great Eminem is up for yet more awards. He’s been nominated for no less than 16 Billboard Music Awards. Which is just behind Rihanna with 18 and just in front of Lady Gaga, with 12. Rihanna, Eminem and Lady GaGa are three names inseparable from music right now. And like it or not, Em will continue to get mentioned alongside them because of his massive commercial success of late.

It’s pretty amazing not only how consistent he’s remained but also how HUGE he still is, as an artist, rapper and name in music. It’s not like he’s just ‘still around’, he’s actually appealing to a whole new generation of youths again and is absolutely huge. It’s not quite 2002 perhaps but, not far off.

Now, when I say “how consistent he’s remained” – I say that meaning, all things considered. He’s of course had a few blips, nobody is perfect, and his track-record is not without its dips, that’s to be expected. But when you look at it closely, it’s really only a handful of songs that can be seriously called bad or, slip-ups to any real degree. And they’re mainly songs he was purposely goofing around on anyway. But unlike most artists, he’s yet to have a total flop of a project that didn’t connect to any degree, or just a total compromise or loss of an album.

If you look for example at Encore. Aside from the silly tracks like “Ass Like That” which in my opinion, ruin an otherwise coherent album… most of the tracks are more than worthy additions (even if not up to previous standards) to his catalogue. And even when he slightly falters lyrically in comparison to past glory, there’s another element about the material that lifts it into a new category.

Take for example the cinematic production qualities of “Yellow Brick Road” and “Mosh”. Or the totally balls-out, unashamed, thumping rock-stomp putridness of “Puke”. Or the mature and poetic nature of the lyricism on “Crazy In Love”.

Then let’s take a glance at Relapse: aside from, in my opinion… two tracks (“Beautiful” and “Crack a Bottle”) which have no business being there and spoil the vision, the album is incredibly well-shaped and consistent. In terms of creating a distinct sound, every track bar those two sound right together, they all gel and the lyricism and flows are… hypnotic. I love every song bar the two mentioned (“Beautiful” is a good track, but not on Relapse).

And it’s only actually because Em often points out his own flaws AND because when he does slip-up, it’s so much more apparent, that we notice it so much more. Because we’re used to perfection or pure mind-blowing music from him. But in comparison to other rappers, or artists, he’s got a pretty incredible success rate in terms of churning out compelling material in abundance, with seemingly infinite rap styles. I guess he wasn’t lying when he said he was Infinite.

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  • Chanel

    i hope he wins them all if anyone should win 16 awards in one night i should be marshall <3

  • eminemthebest


  • hamood

    shit iam shocked eminem is the best i never seen a man that like him i wanna say something for shady fans keep loving eminem just like me my love for him keeps get bigger and bigger


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