So here’s the cover for MMLP2…

Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP 2

Personally… I’m a little conflicted on whether I like it or not. Whilst i like the simplicity of it; stripped down and haunting is definitely what’s needed in order to get back to an ‘MMLP mindset’… I don’t know… I think I can’t help but feel underwhelmed, as in, perhaps I expected a little more, visually.

There may be a nice visual metaphor in this in terms of… this is Em’s house, as it appeared on the original MMLP cover… and, it’s aged, like he has. It has aged and it’s worn-down and about to be sold-off, so perhaps he’s implying this as a metaphor for his age.

Who knows. Time will tell on whether this is simply a basic reference to the first or it has a deeper meaning. What do you think of the cover yo?

4 thoughts to “Em Releases the ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2’ Album Cover


    Cant wait for the album.

  • Patrick Quirke Bolt

    Can’t wait for the new album, am really looking forward to it! What’s the whole deal with the number on the door? And will Em be going back to the old material from MMLP? I recon he’ll be just covering how he’s a changed man since then and this is like him saying that although he’s a new man he still remembers where he came from and everything that happened to him. He’s certainly still got the talent and I’ve already bought a itunes voucher to download MMLP2 on the fifth. Love it.

  • AlexLP

    I loved it! Maybe its about how Em has put his past behind him (and has given up on his habbits) since he’s missing from the picture

    • Allister Shawn Opperman

      Yoh got so many questions about it, bt wu doesnt lol!! Wats the number on the door mean,, wu’s hws that is etc!!… looks cool, vintage nd uniques like him!! Cant wait for the album!!!


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