Eminem and Lil Wayne News recently broke about two new Eminem dates in Australia.

Now, I say ‘Eminem dates’ because as far as I can work out from the press-releases… these are solo Eminem spots, with SUPPORT from Lil Wayne.

However, some sources are now referring to this event as a ‘joint concert’ with Eminem and Lil Wayne. So it’s really not clear exactly which way around this is.

We know that there will be two shows, we know the dates, and we know the locations. And we know who will be there. But I’m really still not sure if this is a truly dual concert like Eminem and Jay-Z did last year, or whether these are solo Eminem shows, featuring Lil Wayne.

As more reports come out, it seems to be leaning towards the latter. But the official promotional posters are heavily plastered with Eminem’s image and references only. So, I’m as confused as ever!

Anyway, here are the show dates:

Thursday, December 1 | Docklands, Melbourne
Friday, December 2 | Sydney Football Stadium

It’s being called the Lose Yourself tour and tickets will be available from September 13.

It’s been ten years since Em last performed live in Australia. And back then, some didn’t even want him entering the country. As they believed the psychotic imagery of his fictional rhymes… how bizarre huh?

I mean, think how fucking crazy that is. Just stop and think about it. He wasn’t actually a criminal. He did NOTHING illegal. He literally just wrote rhymes and rapped, just told stories and made jokes… and they wanted to stop him coming into the country? that is verging on lunacy.

That would be like trying to stop De Niro coming into a country to promote Taxi Driver or Goodfellas. Or trying to get him locked up for being an antisocial psychopath.

In reference to the past dislike for Em, promoter Paul Dainty said this…

We are in a different space with Eminem than we were 10 years ago. He’s crossed over to the mainstream and become a pop-culture icon.

Eminem and Lil Wayne

Eminem 'Lose Yourself' Tour - Australia 2011 Actually, we’re not in a different space with Eminem at all. He may be more accepted and have succumb to a more mainstream presentation of his music at times, but he still says exactly what he likes, whenever he likes.

He was also a pop-culture icon on immediate impact. Some were just too stupid to realize it. And as a lyricist, and artist (irrespective of quality or comparison to better times) – still possesses the same essential elements he always did.

Tell me, does this sound much different to the kind of thing he’d say to get a rise out of people in his prime?…

I’ll kick a bitch in the cunt ’til it makes her queef and sounds like a fucking whoopy cushion!

Is that not the same tongue-in-cheek madness he spew way back when? I’ll think you find it is. All that’s changed, and all that ever changes, is his presentation. He changes his style and sounds different every album, and probably always will.

But he, as an artist, in what HE does. Has remained the same.

What in fact has happened, Mr. Dainty, is that the moronic mass majority (or perhaps, minority?) of people who first misunderstood him and everything he was about, just misunderstand him less, or care less now. As they know they can’t do fuck all about it.

It’s not Eminem’s fault that retards have taken ten years to understand simple sarcasm and exaggeration. He was never a menace. He only ever played the role of a menace, ironically. And those of us who understood it, howled with laughter.

But he has not drastically changed his ways as they are implying. He’s just older and wiser, and not a surprise to people. So he appears softer on the surface, easier to swallow, and people know him as a person more. But having read the views of many critics and members of the public – it’s quite clear that many are still as perplexed and confused about Eminem as ever. Which, is baffling to me, as it’s not even that complex. It’s really not that hard to grasp. Who’s breeding these people?

Oh, and PS. Australian hip-hop legends Hilltop Hoods will also support Em.

If you’re lucky enough to get tickets or live nearby where these performances will take place, let us know how it all goes down and how bombastic a show Shady puts on those nights.

8 thoughts to “Eminem and Lil Wayne to Perform in Australia

  • Showbiz

    Official Packages and Tickets Pre-sale On Now! After 2 shows in Sydney and Melbourne selling out in hours, and weeks of rumours about new concert dates we are proud to announce that Showbiz is on pre-sale with single tickets & packages for the 2nd Sydney show, Dec 4!

  • ShadyInMyHeart22

    Hey Eminem Fans,
    Im a Eminem Fan too, I really want to go to the Eminem concert, but its a bit hard for me because I live In adelaide, I want to go to his melbourne show, but I have never been to melbourne before, do you have any advice on how to travel, what planes to take and what hotels etc? thank you

  • Mike

    Haha i really wanna catch these tour dates… and I agree alot of people who used to like Eminem and say hes gotten softer and more popish and the people who never liked him and like him now because his songs are more popish fail to realize hes been saying the same fucked up shit (fucked up shit I love) from infinite all the way until BME i personally think his best CDs were Marshall Mathers and Eminem Show because they were in the prime of his carreer but my 3rd favorite is Recovery which is his new “pop shit” as people call it but like you said that line from Cold Wind Blows which is on Recovery is far from pop and tied with Recovery for me is Relapse because it is mostly about raping and serial killing which is also far from pop and its from 2008

  • Mitch

    People always use that “He’s changed” argument these days, honestly I think they just accepted the fact that he aint going no where and being that he’s still one of the worlds top grossing artists are letting bygones be bygones so they can get some of the money from him playing in their country

    How is his music any less Homophobic or sexist now then it ever was??……..

    • Admin

      Exactly. His music was never homophobic though. He only pretended to be homophobic to annoy idiots who don’t get sarcasm. And he’s kept it going ever since.

      His music was / is sexist and misogynistic but again, largely tongue-in-cheek…
      “A lot of people say misogynistic which is true. I don’t deny it, matter of fact, I stand by it”

      But, it’s all part of the character. People have a problem separating his tongue-in-cheek and character through music, to the real guy. It’s not hard.

  • DRea

    Good article, i just wanted to say that it’s em’s concert and lil wayne is just a support act. Lil wayne set is just as long as the set of the hilltop hoods, while em has a way longer set. It isn’t the first time articles are wrong when something involves lil wayne, there were also a lot of articles saying he headlined bonnaroo, while he actually was the act before the headliners of that day. But oh well, cannot wait to see Eminem.

    • Admin

      Thanks 🙂 that’s what I thought, and what the first articles on this said. But then all the latest ones have been referring to it as a joint concert… so I didn’t know which it was.

      • DRea

        I guess people just don’t want to accept that wayne is kinda irrelevant outside america and perhaps canada. I mean nobody in canada is really fucking with lil wayne.


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