EminemIt has been reported that Em has signed on to do a Super Bowl ad for Lipton Brisk, an ice tea brand, for $1 million. Supposedly as an animated clay-motion character.

I emphasized the word reported as, you need to take anything reported in basic print, especially unconfirmed from any official source with… a bucket load of salt.

Anyway, I really hope that this is untrue as it’s a total sell-out move. For those that thinking selling-out means working with artists you happen to dislike but Em doesn’t, it’s not. Selling-out is compromising your integrity and doing something for the sake of monetary gain in itself. Like this.

Lipson Brisk has absolutely nothing to do with Eminem, as a person or artist so it’s a totally arbitrary public endorsement for the sake of a quick buck.

But like I say, I’m not saying this is true yet so I’ll treat it as a possibility rather than a fact. It could very well be totally fabricated by Super Bowl insiders for the sake of stirring up controversy surrounding Super Bowl print, given how big Eminem is right now again. Which, isn’t unheard of. Or, it could be a print trying to get some quick attention via this sleazy method, which a UK tabloid did the other week, by starting a false rumour that Em would only agree to perform at The BRIT Awards if he was guaranteed a win. That was then exposed as nonsense by officials, let’s hope this is too.

2 thoughts to “Eminem REPORTED to be Doing Super Bowl ad

  • Vegard

    Maybe Eminem loves Ice Tea? I mean, he can’t drink alcohol anymore, and he can’t just drink Red Bull and Diet Coke.

    • EmBase

      Well, if you check out the Bruce Willis ad, I think it’s going to be like that.

      So I think it’s more for like a little trendy, artistic spot about Eminem rather than a genuine endorsement by him. We’ll see.


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