Here’s a pic of Em, Royce and Bruno Mars on the set:

Eminem, Royce Da 5'9

This is the song that flat-out ruined the EP but it’s obviously no surprise that a video is being made for it. As, this song was MADE to have a video, as it was made to be a commercial hit.

I understand the politics and business of major labels and the need to generate mass interest in some way but… it’s just disappointing that they have to resort to slapping an arbitrary pop singer on a hook, rather than thinking of a more creative way to make a connection.

I mean, rather than just going through the motions or accepting ‘this is how a hit should be done’ – why not think BIGGER? think BIG like the old Em used to. Don’t just accept convention, go against it and create your own form of a hit. Given Eminem’s name and cache, and especially of late again… anything he does will get automatic attention anyway and he’s already earned his stripes in the history books, so it’s such a wasted opportunity to really experiment with format and ideas. Instead, we get this.

It’s also annoying as it gives stupid Em detractors who don’t actually properly pay attention to what he does another reason to claim he’s ‘sold-out’ for working with a pop figure for the sake of it. Oh well, let’s get this out the way and get back to real music. The EP would of been PERFECT without this song.

13 thoughts to “Video for “Lighters” Coming Soon…

  • Emma

    I agree, the EP would have been perfect without that song ! (probably a bit bias because l hate bruno mars, but still).

  • Paolo

    i wish the video is release now ^_^

  • Clued in

    sweet track ,actually really punk and

    Made me think rock n roll n thinks its about how the world looks at.larger people its saying love addicts and large folks ,maybepeople mwdia dont judge .well thats how it made me feel.its a romantic look at small mindness..

  • Dana

    Any of ya’ll ever think he did it as a way to make his boy Royce some serious money? Cuz without a track like this, it just wouldn’t sell as much. Period.

  • Chaos

    I honestly feel that the song has the strongest lyrics on the album. Yes, it is out of place, but its an awesome song, the emotions and lyrics are amazing.

  • Mitch

    The whole point of saying “Make an Unconventional Hit like the old Em Use to” is outdated. Back in those days, there was alot of risk taking, DMX could make a whole song about beating the shit out of somebody and Bark for chorus and it would get played on the radio……..Today, not so much

    Like it or not these kind of songs are the only thing Urban radio will play, so you gotta do what you gotta do, or just not get played and lose money

    I personally dont like the song but I understand the buisness aspects of it, If I were in the major label recording buisness, I’d do one just like it

    • Admin

      It’s not outdated at all. That’s the point about being ORIGINAL. What you’ve said makes no sense when we’re talking about being original and going against the grain because by that very nature the point is to do something DIFFERENT, and force everybody to hop onto what you do. Rather than hopping onto what everybody else does.

      It shouldn’t be about making hits. Music is art not a fucking business. Yes, unfortunately there are business elements to it due to the fact labels need to distribute CDs like a product and therefore need money, and profit. But even so, Em can do anything and get attention and he should be thinking bigger.

      If all you’re going to do is do songs for the sake of it, just to be heard, for the sake of it – you may as well not bother. He has absolute freedom at this point. He’s already sold 80 million records and is a living legend. He clearly doesn’t need and doesn’t do it for the money so if it’s all about the art, make it all about the art. He has no need to compromise a single element.

      if he takes an idea to the label and they don’t like it, he can give them an ultimatum like “okay, I’ll just put this out independently then, let’s call it a day”. And do you seriously think they’re going to let go of one of the biggest music stars in history? fuck no, they have a goldmine on their hands, they’ll do anything to keep him. He has all the power.

      If you’re going to treat music like it’s racking up points and arbitrarily connecting with people who don’t even think like you, you may as well not bother. As that’s not art and that’s not what it should be about.

      • Mitch

        If he had absolute freedom, he wouldnt be doing this kind of stuff

        Why you think Relapse 2 never came out??

        Because Jimmy Iovine saw the huge negative reaction to Relapse and said “Do summin diffrent or else”……….and when your in a record contract, you cant just say “Well, I’ll go independant” because a label can lock you into contract hell (See Young Buck for an example)

        Making a single has always been a part of Em’s career, why you think he made “The Real Slim Shady”, “Without Me”, “Just Lose it” and “We Made You”??

        Because he saw that “My Name is” was a big hit and just kept recreating the same formula……………He even said himself he didnt want to make TRSS but Interscope made him because they didnt think the MMLP had a viable single on it……….

        Its no diffrent then what there making him do now, his slapstick comedy singles, that THEY FORCED HIM TO DO, dont sell anymore, So there now Forcing him to do other things instead…………..But they’ve always FORCED him into doing things, its how the major label game works

        • Admin

          He DOES have absolute freedom. He has the status and cache to not need a label. If he REALLY REALLY wanted to and didn’t give a shit about the money or fame, and just cared 100{971d0a072875b4b9fb7a027a51293b64e24a2a4063055416ceedc6df90dc9fcb} about the art he could just put it out for free or for a small fee online. Like other big artists have done in recent times.

          Millions would still get it so he’d still be heard. He doesn’t need to make pop singles to exist, because it shouldn’t be about how popular or famous you are. That’s a POP stars worry, shouldn’t be the worry of a lyricist or serious artist.

          With those first three albums he was still coming up. Hence me saying he has the power >>NOW<<.. When he was new in the game he needed to provide the label with a certain amount of success aka $$$ to exist. Which he did through zany singles. He DOES NOT need to do that now. He's already made his mark, people aren't going to forget about him or move on, he has all the power now. And they DID NOT force him either, stop making excuses for him. He's in control, he can say no. Back when he was new Jimmy hounded him for a big 1st single but that's it. Mr. Porter even recently confirmed that it's not like that or what people think as Eminem is on his own label and Interscope just DISTRIBUTE his records. Jimmy makes suggestions but they do not fucking control him. Mr. Porter said, Eminem makes his music, and his album, however the fuck he wants to make it and then takes it to Interscope. Then they'll make suggestions or something and Eminem will consider them, or not. He does not get forced. You've got a very naive and uninformed view of record labels, this assumption that a guy in a big suit is sitting up stairs whipping the artists with a chain ordering them around is absurd. With a lesser artists aka a pop artist or an artist that NEEDS hits to survive and AIMS for hits as their MO, it's totally different. But Eminem is not a pop artist, he's a lyricist and a serious artist. So no, they do not force him and do not have that power over him. Hence the fucking shit he says on his albums. You seriously think he was forced with... The Slim Shady LP? or THE MARSHALL MATHERS LP? aka the most foul, controversial hip-hop album of all-time. He said WHATEVER THE FUCK HE WANTED on that and even put out "The Way I Am" raging against his fucking label, so do you seriously think they have that much control when he can spew venom AT THEM in his own single openly. He has free speech and he is his own artist. Paul Rosenberg influences Eminem more than his label does. Em is signed to Dre's Aftermath, and Dre certainly doesn't force Em. Interscope just distribute the records, but Eminem is on Aftermath and Shady, he does what the fuck he likes. He keeps trying to make big singles now as he wants the music to connect and for people to hear it. Not because he's being forced, as he simply wouldn't do it, he has no need to, he's doing this out of choice. So it's simply a lack of creativity. End of.

          • Admin

            Even 50 Said Em can do whatever he likes and put out albums whenever he likes.

            Em keeps making hits as he obviously still wants a lot of people to hear his music so he wants to connect with a lot of people, so they listen to the album.

            But it’s not THAT I’m talking about. It’s the fact he’s doing it with so little fucking creativity. Slapping Bruno Mars on a chorus which is made to be a stadium song and rapping about the shit he did on ‘Recovery’ is lazy as fuck.

  • David

    I actually love this song, and cannot wait for the video!

  • Harvey

    First time I was listening to it, my girlfriend came in whilst the chorus was playing, and asked, “Are you listening to JLS?” Enough said really. It’s one of the weakest things he’s ever done.

  • Hamood

    thats awsome can’t wait to see it


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