Here we have the preview of a new song from Em and Dre.

This song is called “Die Hard”, it’s from Detox and it premiered on Fight Camp 360, on May 6th. For those not in the know, this was a boxing special advertising the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley. And in case you missed it or don’t know yet, Pac-Man won, obviously.

Now about the song: personally I think it sounds great. This is finally a beat produced by Dre himself, which is a relief after you consider the ridiculous fact that two singles have dropped so far (“Kush” and “I Need a Doctor”) that were not even touched by Dr. Dre. And, when his only role in this project is producer, surely he should produce EVERY track as it’s not like he writes lyrics. And he gets enough credit as it is.

But anyway, I think the beat sounds big and crisp (as you would expect from Dre) and from what we can hear of his verses so far, they sound good too. Then we have Em on the hook of course, employing his half-sung, layered technique which amounts to this strange kind of… half-high / half-low result which I always love. Em always knows how to write a fitting, catchy hook. It also sounds big, like an anthem.

This is of course just a preview and Dre himself recently said it’s NOT the next / third single from Detox, despite that being the assumption of many fans and the media (presumably because it premiered on such a public radar). Who knows whether Em will have a small verse on this song or not. Personally I hope he does as I think he would sound great over this beat and work lyrical wonders with its theme.

As for why they decided to preview an album track… seems as if they just saw a window of opportunity to air some material on a huge, convinient platform and took it. Which I don’t mind, I like innovative little marketing schemes. I’d much rather them do this sort of thing to create the buzz than compromise or water down the material for the sake of popularity.

So, Detox will be released… when pigs fly. The wait is on.

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  • hamood

    i give my vote to this song its about fight i love it


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