Although Eminem still lives in the studio, hasn’t been seen breathing fresh air for about twelve years (caution: sarcasm may be present < how lame!) and isn't exactly what you'd call savvy with the use of the Internet, let alone social media platforms... he's the king. Em now has 60 million Facebook likes – which officially makes him the most ‘liked’ human being ali… on Facebook!

Eminem - King of Facebook (60 Million Likes)

I remember a little longer than a year ago writing about how Em had 30 million fans; so, that amount has doubled in just over a year. Well, I say ‘just’ over, it’s more like a year and a half, but ‘just over’ sounded cleaner. Even though I’ve just now explained it all. Sigh.

So what does this mean? well, not much to you and I really, and probably not much to Eminem.

What is quite surprising though is that Em’s likes surpass those of Lady GaGa and Michael Jackson. Surpassing Lady GaGa is one thing, and itself impressive, given how gigantic she is in this generation (Em’s prime was long before her) but the fact he has more Facebook fans than MJ is rather amazing, considering just how gargantuan Michael Jackson was and still is in the world of music. And the world period. Our world that is, Earth; although I wouldn’t be surprised if space aliens had heard of Michael Jackson, that’s how famous he was (is?). Especially after all that moon-walking (ooh, no).

Two particular factors which may account for his leading status, even now, may be these…

Eminem He Stands for More Than His Talent
Back when he truly ruled a generation with his middle-finger bearing, sharp-tongued antics: he really did represent about as big an anti-authority figure as you could imagine in art. The utterance of his name in certain circles could cause winces.

He Appeals to More than His Own Genre
Now, of course Michael Jackson for example appeals to more than one genre; everybody and their uncle (and their uncle) knows of and probably loves at least a handful of MJ songs. But what’s a little different is, Eminem doesn’t just appeal to different genres based on the scope of his reach or popularity of his melodies… Eminem TRULY appeals to different genres, for their unique appeals.

By that, I mean; with hip-hop – he appeals with his intricate rhymes and innovative flows; with rock – he appeals with pure punk-rock attitude that is basically anti-establishment, anti-authority and “fuck off, and listen to this”, in a nutshell and with pop – he appeals with catchy hooks and deeply personal subject-matter.

Appealing to so many obsessive fan bases at once for different yet entirely justified reasons is one of the reasons he transcends so well, and few artists (let alone rappers) appeal to as many, at once, as authentically as he. There are also other things which factor in to of course though such as the fact that a lot of Michael Jackson fans may not be on Facebook, as they’re a pre-Facebook era; where as many of Em’s fans have grown up on message boards.

Either way, this ia an impressive feat all the same. Well done, Marshall!

PS. Em is apparently gaining around 30k new fans on Facebook every day. That’s amazing; there’s nearly as many times as I masturbate on an hourly basis!

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