Eminem and 50 Cent It’s been a while since we’ve had official output from 50 Cent. Which, to me, is great news. The sooner 50 puts a mic down and completely moves away from rap, the better, in my opinion.

He’s not a great MC, he’s one of the least creative minds in rap history and all he does is drag Eminem and Eminem’s image down the toilet. He’s cliche, he’s boring, he’s repetitive, he’s badly skilled and unimaginative in every sense. I’ve no problem with Em being on 50’s albums as, when they’re together, they can come up with reasonably enjoyable tracks.

But 50 on Em’s albums? that’s a big no-no in my books. I’d really rather not have that happen ever again. That being said, I’m still always excited for new Em material of any kind and if 50 being around Em means a few new Em tracks out of the blue… I’m all for it. For now.

50 has said that for his new album he’s worked with Just Blaze, Alex Da Kid and Boi-1da… sound familiar? quite obviously 50 is trying to duplicate Em’s Recovery formula in some way, at least with the production route. He’s using the exact same producers Em used. So far be it from his promise that this new album will be gritty and back to his roots… do Just Blaze and Alex Da Kid really create the idea of ‘gritty’ and ‘hardcore’ in your mind? as they certainly don’t in mine.

Alex Da Kid in particular creates very poppy, light, clunky, clashy music which is often hit and miss for me. He can certainly create a nice backing for some kind of inspirational rap-ballad, pop-rock mesh now and then but I’ve really heard quite enough of his influence over Em’s direction already. The sooner Em gets back to melody-driven, stripped down, bass-driven funk glory, the likes of which he created so wonderfully with the Bass Bros… the better.

Anyway, 50 has said that he and Em created four tracks, in Detroit. And that two of them are likely singles. His exact words were…

We made two that are definite singles and the other two are the kinds of records that we been making, more aimed at my core audience, more aggressive, more of a different kind of energy to it.

No word yet on when his album is arriving, but he’s vaguely hinted that it’ll be this year. We’ll see.

Check out a post I wrote earlier this year profiling some of Em and 50’s work together so far.

Let’s hope for some news on these tracks soon.

6 thoughts to “Eminem Has Made Four New Tracks, with 50 Cent

  • Jim

    Thats complete bullshit, how could he have possibly sold 35 million albums if he is a bad MC you obviously have your head stuck too far up Eminems ass. I doubt Em would have brought 50 up and made him what he is today if he is bad.

    • Admin

      No, what you just said is complete bullshit sir. So, based on your assumption here, which is… sales = talent, therefore… any artist that has sold a lot of records is in your conclusion a skilled craftsman worthy of praise and acclaim, automatically?

      There aren’t safety in numbers you moron. Think of how much garbage sells in the truckloads, in fact – often more-so and more easily due tot he fact ‘most’ people are not hugely intelligent, so mediocre or easy to swallow crap is going to always, more easily sell.

      Look at how many records Britney Spears has sold, is your conclusion that she’s a brilliant artist too? or how about The Backstreet Boys? stop and think before you speak you complete simpleton as you make absolutely nonsensical points.

      50 Cent is a terrible MC, one of the least creative rappers in history and the reason he sold a lot of records is due to HITS. Why do you think nobody mentions him or takes him into serious account of the greatest of all-time? he’s not even CLOSE to that, he’s a terrible rapper in terms of skill.

      His biggest hit to date is still his first and that’s because he had Em and Dre behind him. He’s also sold off drama, as he creates a fictional beef before every album release. He’s a gimmick, a toy rapper. He sells off image and beats. He can create hits, but that does not make him a great lyricist or rapper, don’t confuse the two. Idiot.

      • spyter

        agreed. 50 cent and other baddies like him are the reason hip hop sucks anymore.. No creativity and mediocre rhymes. He’s just another click click bang bang rapper crying about shit no one cares about.. Dense minds like simple easy to understand rhymes, so he is popular..

  • Mitch

    Alex Da Kid makes hit singles, thats his lane and he doesnt try to be anything more then that, So I aint mad at Em using him Once on an album to get the record heard………..Same with Boi1da, they serve there purpose on getting radio spins……………So Long as They dont do the bulk of the work

    agree with your take on 50 tho

  • nipple

    I can’t fucking wait for this whole Alex Da Kid/Skylar Grey phase to go away, every song he produces sounds almost exactly the same. I can pick him out any time I hear a song produced by him, now that can be a good thing (Kanye, Dre etc,) or a bad thing (Alex Da Kid, Lex Luger etc.)

    • Admin

      Completely agree.


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