Eminem Reaches 1 Billion YouTube Views Eminem has become the third artist dead or alive to achieve an astounding one BILLION views (total) on YouTube. The other two being: Justin Bieber and Lady GaGa.

What’s so impressive is the fact that the only other two artists to do it are very current, new artists that have emerged onto the pop landscape and are very much of the ‘YouTube generation’. But Em, made his commercial debut in 1999, and had a solo absence of more than four years (2004-2009). So, to most people he’s only been back on the public radar for the past two years again.

Which speaks volumes for his sheer number of fans and his ability to transcend genre, nationality, race, creed and all else. Not to mention the power of his pull, name and legacy, and the weight it still holds. Now, Bieber and GaGa have only been on the radar the past few years too but the point is they’re brand new. Eminem is already established, and most established artists simply do not maintain that level of interest. New artists are frenzied over, most have a period of popularity but not enough substance is at the root and thus, they fade away due to eventually sounding old and predictable. Only the true legends are timeless.

There are a few reasons why he’s kept that level of interest and why he sold a staggering (nearly) 750k in a week with his sixth major-label album – one of the most obvious and notable reasons is, the mystery. All credit goes to Em, Paul Rosenberg and his team, for the level of mystery and integrity they’ve kept hovering over Eminem’s name like a halo. They did it by refusing to endorse random produce, refusing to cheapen Eminem’s name and artistic stamp. They did it by keeping album details tight-lipped and making fans wait and anticipate, at his core, Eminem is a showman. Evident in his album themes and introductions, the live shows… he was built for this.

HE also did it by putting his all, or as much as he could give at each turn into his music also. Every album is an exhibition in skill and obsessive commitment, a new chapter, so people thirst for it. An Eminem album is like a Mike Tyson fight and no matter how long he goes away or you think he’s faded, the name is so infamous and powerful within the sector, it draws people back in an instant. And few names if any, can create the same degree of excitement and frenzy. Eminem is the Tyson of rap.

Em has a total of 28 videos on his YouTube channel. Congratulations to him for notching up another record on his legendary list of accomplishments, let’s have a toast to The Shady One.

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  • hamood

    yeah thats awsome eminem yor the best man iam always hear your songs they are the best songs


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