Okay so, this song has just leaked. It’s all the members of D12 except Mr. Porter (Kon Artis), the song is called “Hit Me With Your Best Shot”…

This was supposedly going to be on Recovery, Bizarre actually mentioned this in 2010. I think this is a pretty decent track but I’m glad it wasn’t on Recovery as it’s pretty so-so, nothing particularly unique or new about it, it’s basically what you would expect from them at this point. In terms of subject-matter and presentation. I think it would of been a track which added nothing to the album.

They all did pretty good on their verses, even Bizarre who, whilst still terrible in places – was a lot better and didn’t totally ruin the song like he usually does by slowly talking about his grandmother jacking his cock off, or fucking a pit-bull in the ass. Which, I take absolutely no offence to, I don’t take offence, it’s just that he does it with no skill. And he’s not funny.

Anybody can say the most hurrendous things they can think of for the sake of it, but he has no technical skill as a rapper and to do it without wit or irony, or form, or originality is just… pointless. And detracts. Swifty was very nice as usual, I always considered him the third best in D12 after Em and Proof, Kuniva was good too, he’s usually always on-point. I’d of preferred Mr. Porter on the first verse over Bizarre though, and the chorus is a little annoying but, overall – not a bad song. What do you think?

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  • Kevin

    I agree, Bizarre sucks.


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