Chrysler Commercial Featuring Eminem

Remember that rather ‘heavy’ and somewhat emotionally affecting Chrysler commercial featuring Em? well, it’s won an Emmy – for Outstanding Commercial.

Although this is much the work of Wieden + Kennedy (the people who produced it) and all else involved creatively, I think it’s fair to say Eminem, and the “Lose Yourself” bassline made it what it is.

Em really is a natural actor and I think adversity often creates what he has. I am Bipolar myself and suspect Eminem may be, and people wonder why he rarely smiles but I can sense his emotion – or rather lack of, in those glares and lack of reaction. I am quite similar myself, and it’s a basic deficiency of dopamine. Or a damaged functioning of such areas, including seretoin; these chemicals are responsible for energy, and therefore general mood and liveliness.

Anyway, it’s amazing how Em can present himself totally goofy or abstract and pull it off just as well as totally self-serious and reflective. This is a quality about him not truly appreciated by critics or many people. As just think of other rappers, or artists… how many can truly pull of such extreme moods and seem as natural, in all forms. I know professional actors can, and this is why I say Em is a natural…

Obviously we all have a mood spectrum which produces our ‘different’ sides, but Em is able to artifically employ his sides so effectively in his art I think. Take a look at that icey stare as he deliveres that tagline. It’s almost like you’re consuming all of the emotional baggage and weight, and past tribulations, as you consume what he’s saying. That’s a very effective thing to do and he’s of course conscious of it.

Which is why you can sometimes see him smirk whilst trying to hold in laughter, when on chat shows. And yet on behind scenes, openly laughs.

I think Eminem is smarter than all of us assume, even those of us who think he’s a genius. He really does seem to consider every aspect of his character, and public perception, and use it all to his advantage. And toy with it. He’s his own walkin art project.

So now Em has an Emmy to add to his Oscar and 13 Grammy’s… nice. Eminemmy.

3 thoughts to “Chrysler’s ‘Born of Fire’ Commercial Featuring Eminem, Wins an Emmy

  • heythere

    One more award ( a Tony) and he will be a part of the EGOT status baby lol!

  • Mitch

    Dude’s trophy case is probably the size of my house, lol

    I wonder how many total awards he has by now

  • Hamood

    that’s great im happy for my best rapper i love you eminem


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