‘Revival’ is a Confused, Disappointing 6/10 Mess

‘Revival’ is a Confused, Disappointing 6/10 Mess Sorry to start with such a title, but that’s the truth. For me. Before I get started, be warned, this is a not a structured review and will take form of a rant… Four years since MMLP2 and with the level of skill he showed on MMLP2 – […]

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Em gets political on “Untouchable” – LISTEN
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If you haven’t heard it yet, take a listen: First of all… I LOVE this track. The only problem being I’ve slightly overplayed this already. I’ve already played this about 10,000 times more than “Walk on Water”. My initial reaction, as soon as I put my headphones in and this started playing was “Whoooah. Wtf […]

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