A few days ago, Eminem released the music video for “Berzerk” (the first single from MMLP2).

Some adjectives which could be used to describe this video upon initial viewing could be… ‘weird’, ‘colourful’, ‘jazzy’ and… ‘retro’.┬áBut instead, I’ll just use the term ‘badass’.

Visually, this is one of Eminem’s best videos; there’s a lot going on, and it’s very cool.

This is actually right up there with my favourite Em videos; if you think of… “Without Me”… or any of his classic videos… they’re good but, I don’t think there’s a distinct stylistic to the video, it’s more-so just basic footage of Em screwing around. He seems to have more of a visual aim now.

It also feels like Em is being playful here… without being goofy. It still feels like you can take it seriously, yet it’s fun. With “Berzerk”, it feels like there’s a consistent throwback feel and visual that will perhaps be carried across the album, and there’s little bits of detail such as him and Rick staring at the camera the way they do that just give the video a mood. I think Em has certainly cranked it up a gear in terms of providing a tone and a look this time. I wish the song was a bit better, but my-god the video elevates it.

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