Make sure to ‘tune in’ to Shade 45 next Friday (June 10th), at 8PM EST to hear Hell: The Special.

Bad Meets Evil on Shade 45

This is going to be an interview with Royce (Bad) and Em (Evil) about their forthcoming EP – Hell: The Sequel, out on June 14th.

They’re going to explain the recording process and thought behind some of the tracks. I’ll be honest, even as a fan I can’t imagine much variance in the explanations given that they all pretty much seem like battle tracks with Em going 110{971d0a072875b4b9fb7a027a51293b64e24a2a4063055416ceedc6df90dc9fcb} in on the comical female abuse lmao. But, either way, let’s hope it’s at least worth listening to. They may even share some interesting inside details.

2 thoughts to “Bad Meets Evil on Shade 45 Next Week

  • chanel

    do u kno wat time as well?

    • EmBase

      Yeah it’s 8PM EST 🙂 thanks too, forgot to add that to the post.


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