So here it is…

I think the video is, about what I expected. It’s nothing special, and not particularly bad. It’s just sort of, generic. The song itself still ruins the EP though, that chorus just never seems to lose its cringe.

7 thoughts to “Video for “Lighters” is Released

  • Colette

    Well i love eminem and i think he is SO fit and he is my idol.
    I love the video but then again i love all the eminem videos but his videos never seem to dissapoint anyways. He always puts his all in his videos and you can see the emotion he puts, he dosent just mime the words like other and i just think it all works really well 😀

  • Harvey

    > that chorus just never seems to lose its cringe

    Haha! Nice line. Yup, it is so full of cheese and corn it’s unbelievable, shame as the verses are great.

  • Mitch

    Video was pretty fitting for the song

    Cry about the song all you want, lord knows I dont like it, but I’m happy for Royce, you know homie has been rapping for 15 years and has nothing to show for it, still amazed to be driving and turn on the radio to hear Royce da 5’9″ with a hit song on the “Top 5 at 5” countdown on 98.7, dude deserves it

    • Admin

      Having ‘something to show’ for it doesn’t equate to hits.

      I’d rather have a career of perfect albums than non-stop hits.

      He’s friends with Em again, so why not get to this position by trying to do something groundbreaking? instead of shamefully grabbing the hottest voice to sing a cliche motivational hook made for stadium shows.

      It’s such a waste, and lack of ambition.

      • Mitch

        Whatever man, you and I are gonna argue this point till the day we die, lol

        Bottom Line

        Royce now has a Gold Certified plaque he can pass down to his grandkids one day, and I’m happy for him…………As for Em, its just another in the pile, but I bet Royce went out and partied when he found out “Lighters” got certified gold, for him its a first and a long overdue reward.

  • Hamood

    awsome song and the clip is better

  • Emma

    “that chorus just never seems to lose its cringe” ahahaa couldn’t have said it better myself.


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