Bad Meets Evil EP So Em and Royce have titled the EP Hell: The Sequel.

Em revealed this on his Twitter a few days ago.

For those not familiar with the reference, it’s referring back to the “Bad Meets Evil” track from The Slim Shady LP. At the end of the track they say “see you in hell for the sequel”…

I don’t think the title quite works in that respect as… they haven’t actually put out an official project as in, an album or EP previously. It only works as a reference to that one line, and that line makes it sound as if they mean a sequel to that track. But, I guess in their whole… super psycho, cartoonish world of ‘Bad Meets Evil’ it works. As it’s like… the next saga. Album, song… doesn’t matter. It’s a chapter.

Anyway, June 14th. Can’t wait.

4 thoughts to “Bad Meets Evil EP Title – Hell: The Sequel

  • tom

    scary movies was a sick track

  • Exit7

    There actually is a previous Bad Meets Evil album, it was a self titled underground ep with 3 songs on it which were 1: Nuthing to Do, 2: Scary Movie, 3: I’m the King. It was released around 1999, right before eminem blew up. So this definitely is the long awaited sequel.

    • EmBase

      That was a 12 inch single. “Nuttin’ to Do” was the single and the other two tracks were bonus’ / B-Sides.

      This is their first actual release.

  • hamood

    bad meets evil shit slim keep up the work man


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