Another leak is upon is and this one has been dubbed “50 Ways” due to the fact it samples the 1975 hit “50 Ways to Leave Your Lover” by Paul Simon but that may not be its official title (and probably isn’t).

As for when this track is from… the person who leaked it said it’s from 2003 but he has been wrong before. I can see how elements of this are similar to what he was doing in 2003, compare this to his “Lady” verses for example. It definitely sounds similar, with the laid back flow and sometimes tricky rhyme structure. Very smooth and casual misogyny / psychopathy.

But, the lyricism isn’t quite as potent as what he was doing in that time period. Personally I think that if it’s not from 2003, it’s likely from late 2004 or, 2006. Either way, it’s an okay track, nothing special. I mean, there is things about it that have a spark, that sample and the screams in the background of the chorus for example, contrasted with his dark lyrics give it a real edge.

I also think this shows that Em could definitely explore even more vocal avenues and song tones on future albums. Just when you think he’s out of voices or flows he whips up a totally unique style again, and whilst this one isn’t totally unique… the laid back, deep nature of his voice and flow add to the creepiness of what he’s saying. It’s so blasé and casual, as if he’s talking about everyday stuff. When he’s in fact talking about stuffing a woman in the trunk of a car. Just imagine this kind of execution on a thrilling conceptual track, maybe Eminem walks in on his lover cheating on him and murder ensues; descriptive and downplayed, realistic and first person… he could still make magic happen.

2 thoughts to “Another Eminem Song Leaks…

  • Eminem$

    Eminem is back on top without a doubt. Slaughterhouse is going to be kicking in stores June 13th. He working on a new solo album and producing Yelawolf. You got to give him his props.

  • hamood

    its a soft song but its nice were do i download


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