“Walk on Water” Single from ‘Revival’ OUT
Eminem EMA's 2017

Finally! My feelings on the track, after listening quite a lot of times now over the past day… The tempo (slower, bursts of flow) is a surprising change of pace The content is very candid, very direct and specific Quite surprising to hear Em be so vulnerable in a big way, in this way Great […]

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first single from ‘Revival’ called “Walk on Water”?

Eminem, I mean… Paul just posted an intriguing Tweet on Em’s Twitter – with what looks like a prescription note (keeping in line with the medication theme we’ve seen so far, likely with the title of the 1st single: pic.twitter.com/VXgVGHK5TN — Marshall Mathers (@Eminem) November 8, 2017 Very much liking this promotion still. Slick, sleek, […]

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